Sunday, April 1, 2012


"All That I'm After Is A Life Full Of Laughter" just turned 2 years old - can't believe it but it's true.
I've been keeping this blog alive for two years now and posted over 300 times and had over 20,000 page views. THANK YOU :)
But what a day I chose to start it - April Fool's Day.. :)

Nothing else to say at this point.
Congratulations and I hope this will still be in use next year and maybe then I could host a give away or something like that :) (or if the 500th post comes sooner than that then I could do a give away then (but what should I give away? :DD)..)

Anyways, I'm happy over every follower I have and I will try to keep this blog running as long as I can :)


ps. the penpalling/mail blog post is being edited little by little and I bet I will post it on April 10th as that's the day I will be mailing all of the letters I've written from March 27th until then.


  1. Happy Bloganniversary!! Congrats :D And hope that you'll keep it alive for the long time to come..

    1. Thank you :) I try my best to keep the blog alive as long as I can :)