Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been relaxing and spending the weekend playing Final Fantasy XIII with my brother. I got the job and I've been writing a couple of letters - finished 2 quite long letters and have been writing a third one for 2 days now..
Today I was supposed to work on my assignments and such but I ended up going to my apartment a day earlier - I had to drive my mom to work and then give the car to my dad when he came from work.. So I was at my apartment around 5pm - called to D and asked whether we could have the last tandem meeting but he had already plans for tonight (I wasn't surprised - I'm such a boring person) and asked me to go with him and a couple of his friends but I declined, saying I need to work on school stuff and so on. Right after I hang up I called to Kim.

We were supposed to meet on May 1st - check our costumes for the weekend and have a short photoshoot. I called her around 6pm and we agreed to have the shoot today and check the costumes quickly.
I was at her place around 7.30pm, I changed my wig (I'm not going out without a wig right now - BAD hairday.) and clothes and we went out. Wig, high heels and a dress and I was sick just a couple of days ago... YAY! :DD We managed to take ~300 pictures in an hour but knowing Kim she'll only publish 2-5 pics (especially since I was goofing off most of the time).. I have no idea when she'll be publishing the photos but I'll add a link or something to my blog when she does..
And in the end I chose to stay over for the night (in a way Kim decided it for me) so we went to get some of my stuff from my place around 9.30pm after we checked my costume (the dress is going to kill me!!!).
Now she's probably going to go through the pictures and MIGHT show those to me (hope she will!!!!!) and I might start whining to her about lack of time :)
a day off and 3 days of school before we'll be driving ~300km to Tampere for Tampere Kuplii (we'll be meeting lots of peeps<3) and the weekend after that Raven and X will be coming over<3
I LOVE my friends :)

I hope school would end already. I want to start working :)

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ps. I also realized that I want to travel somewhere with a friend or two OR meet a penpal during this year. Especially if I work my arse off and make as much money as I can during summer :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things do work out in the end

Things took a turn for the better. I've been working on school assignments and I think I'll manage to finish those during the next 2 weeks (I have Russian portfolio almost ready, started the semester portfolio and I'm going to start the Finnish portfolio soon - as well as a couple of other assignments). The first deadlines are next Thursday - May 3rd when our project will be finished and after that the last exams start........ I'm afraid I might not pass all of those but I have my fingers crossed and hopes up :) And I can always take the re-exam ^^

My cat woke me up today by jumping to my bed and decided to sleep next to me :) I got up by 8am and left around 9am. I went to my old work place as I was going to get some papers from there for an interview. My old boss came to me smiling and we talked a bit - how things are going and so on. At one point she started telling how she didn't get a worker to fill in for M who quit after last year. "We're in need of a worker"
I smiled a bit and replied "Well I'm in need of a part-time job for the summer" and that was pretty much it. She made sure I had all the needed papers and gave me the job :)
I'm starting right after school ends :) I'm done with school May 18th and my first day at work will be 19th :) I'm SO happy I got the job as I already know the people, I know what they expect me to do and now I don't need to worry about ruining my days because of work :) I have every Monday off and my normal day will be from 10am to 6pm - lots of time to do during the evening and I don't need to wake up before 8am even if I'm taking the bike and cycle to work :)

My favourite song for nearly a month now :)

That's all for now. I've been a bit distressed lately but things are starting to work out :) The next school day is Wednesday and the day starts at noon as my Russian classes have been cancelled and on Tuesday I'm going to Kim's place to finish our costumes for Tampere Kuplii (we'll be there May 5th-6th - road trip to Tampere on FRIDAY!!) :) We'll be Magnet Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka :)
And Raven and X will be coming to my place the weekend after that :3 Can't wait to see the girls before Raven moves to Scotland :)


ps. I'm addicted to Once Upon a Time and Supernatural right now :) (and I love .gifs :3)

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Just look at them<3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Only ~3 weeks left!!!

Two exams are out of the way now (and I was freaking out while doing the first one - internet exam, there's the time left blinking on the left side of your browser and I'm REALLY bad with stress..), I'm going to have a job interview (and already had a couple that went well but I don't want to take the other one :(), I have some assignments + portfolio left, our project is doing okay and school ends within a month :) I can't wait for the summer!! Especially after yesterday's Russian exam (got a 3 from it - a great grade considering I had a terrible migraine on Monday after the latest interview) and an interview with a teacher..

I met my brother on Friday after a while. He brought his bags to my place and we left to the centre together as he had some kind of a performance and I met up with D (cultural visits are a part of the tandem course). Me and D went to see an art gallery and the museum of Porvoo (the first time I visit the museum in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time) and had fun! After the cultural visit we went to a restaurant/café/bar and had something to eat while talking about pretty much everything. At one point he told me that he's really happy with his life but the only thing he's missing is his girl. The last time they met was in January and I felt kinda bad hearing that. They live in different countries at the moment and can't meet up that often BUT they still continue dating. I'm a bit jealous. I'm not good with long distance relationships, I couldn't be in one anymore..

In the evening when I got back to my apartment S came over and my brother came about an hour later. I asked my brother to do the dinner for him and me as he was there eating my food and S was happy seeing that I'm also using asking others to do things for me (instead of him) always now and then.
My brother complained a bit but did what I asked him to do (not like he has a choice - he's 20cm taller than I am and at least twice my weight but I'm really aggressive when irritated - just like small dogs - others need to know that they're strong and so~) and after we ate and talked a bit me and M had a small argument and M started talking with S: "This is exactly what I mean! It's so boring to be at home when there's no one to argue/have a fight with!" and they were both laughing.
I seriously missed my brother and it was great to see him again!

On Saturday we went to see M's show and it was great. I never knew my brother can SING! :) And I was laughing more than I've laughed in a long time. In the end I decided to go with him to see my own room in the middle of nowhere. It was fun to spend time with M and my dear cat after a month (Nasse was really missing me and spent every waking hour stalking me and staying right next to me. He even slept next to me without leaving anywhere during the night :3). I was able to relax and watch tv after a long time (don't own a tv) and it really looks like I'll be moving..
S already has a small job for the summer and I'm happy for him but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hope that I will get the job I have the interview for on Saturday.


ps. I'm really busy with school as there's only ~3 weeks left and all of the deadlines are within the next 2 weeks........ So no letters nor that many posts before May 10th.. After that most of the assignments have been returned and exams are done (unless I've failed some :DD)

pps. Anyone willing to become my maid/slave? I need someone to make my school assignments or keep my apartment clean as I can't manage to do both D: I don't even eat properly anymore..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some updates..

School assignments know how to keep me busy and on the edge. I've been quite pissed off lately (of course Simple Plan's gig did cheer me up for a while but then came more assignments and stuff like that) and S has been "suffering" from my mood swings. (I hope summer comes soon and that I WON'T get the job my mom is trying to get me through her contacts D: I would be stuck in Porvoo for the whole summer and working like a slave at the same restaurant/hotel/spa where my mom works D:) Today I was ready to rip his head off since he was pushing the wrong buttons with me. Luckily for him I can suppress my anger to some level so that I seem quiet and a bit calm and the rage stays inside.

Anyhow~ I wasn't that willing to be around people today (I spent the evening with S(23yo), A(24yo) and L(25yo) and we were playing boardgames while talking about everything, it was fun but that was my limit of human contacts for the week) so I didn't meet S's brother and his girlfriend who are apparently spending a couple of days in southern Finland before going back to Oulu.

Luckily for me I don't have to be around people for the weekend as I managed to sort things out so that I don't have to go to the ICT lesson tomorrow as all the other contact lessons were cancelled due to the fact that our teachers are elsewhere (whee~ 3 days long weekend<3). This means I can sleep, work with some projects AND try to read and/or write letters this weekend. People are trying to make me to go to my dad's place but I bet I'll stay in Porvoo instead, I need to go to their place next week..

AND~ I wrote a couple of letters last week but managed to postpone the mailing until this Tuesday or Wednesday, can't remember anymore~ But still:

Letters to Ai-chan, Mya-chan, E/Germany and J/USA and a postcard to.....

I also made a couple of envelopes when I got pissed. I love to concentrate on something else when I'm angry so there's nothing better than to start crafting :)

5 envelopes I made - I still have some paper left

transparent envelope<3

I LOVE this kind of paper :3

I just had to buy this paper when I saw it<3


Blue flowers
I'm hoping on finishing a letter today (to a pal from whom I didn't hear anything for a year and then a letter came and she told me she had moved back to Thailand from the States :)) and then maybe start another one if I'm not that pissed/angry at the world :)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Riding Hood

Kim managed to post the photos of our latest photoshoot Red Riding Hood (it was back in March 4th) and I got really exited!! :3 She took her sweet time with the photos but today she has been really productive and edited most of the pictures she has taken between February 25th and the beginning of April. She keeps me busy with various ideas and tries to make as many photoshoots now since we still live in the same town. I'll be moving during May (for the summer) and she might (probably will) move after the summer depending on various things. But here are the photos of our latest shoot:

This is one of my favourites

The "hood" was 5m long (bought ages ago for one cosplay project that was never finished)

It was freezing (I only had that dress and hood) as it was a bit windy and -4C. Luckily we had short pauses now and then and I managed to warm myself up during those. S was also helping us and this was the day he and Kim met for the first time :) It was a great day (even though I caught a cold and spent the evening half asleep next to S in the apartment he lived at that time) and I'm pretty much waiting for the next shoot. Yesterday (and today) Kim was telling me about her newest idea but we'll see. She's not going to make that one an easy shoot and we only have a couple of weeks of time to have the shoot (while I'm dead busy with school work - I even had a slight panic attack today when my mom called me and asked have I been looking for the summer job. I'M WORKING ON IT AS SOON AS I MANAGE TO FINISH THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENTS!!!!).

Oh, and we'll see whether we'll wait until Summer with the cosplay photoshoot as I haven't heard anything about it after last Saturday.


ps. want to give some ideas to Kimmy? Visit her blog Kifia Photography

Simple Plan (& We The Kings) @ The Circus, Helsinki (April 16th 2012)

Yesterday morning I was pretty much complaining that I didn't want to go as I have loads of school work to do and I need to finish those at some point but as I did pay 32€ for the ticket, SP has been one of my favourite bands since my early teenage years and I've been to their every concert/gig they've had in Finland.

So we met up with Kim after my school and her work day was over, changed to our I SP shirts we bought in 2008 when SP last visited Finland - I've seen the band 4 times now while Kim has seen them 3 times (the 1st time I saw them I went to a Sound Wave "festival" with my dad - in 2005 :)). They visited Finland twice in 2008, in March and in September (if I remember correctly) and they were awesome. I had pretty much forgotten how much better they are live!!

We left to Helsinki with the first bus we managed to catch, went to eat some sushi (& bought socks for Kim's sister -cosplay) and then we went to see the LONG line of fans (mostly under aged fans) and just became a part of the mass. The doors opened at 7pm and I think we managed to get in around 7.30pm - it was crazy as everyone was pushing, trying to get in as soon as possible so that they could be in the front row AS Pierre usually comes really close to the audience and if they throw or give something it's "best" to be in the front. It took 10-20minutes from us to get rid of my bag and our coats before we got in. Then off we went to buy SP GYO European Tour t-shirt (30€) and a SP scarf (25€). We made our way to the area reserved for adults (alcohol and such, thank god I'm soon 21 and can go there!) and were extremely happy there was LOADS of space even though it was quite far away from the stage. We bought drinks, went to the tables closest to the stage and sat there drinking when We The Kings started playing around 8pm.

"She Takes Me High"

They were okay but as they were the opening act the singer had to pretty much scream so that his voice was heard.. :/ But they were okay and played for 40minutes. After which we had to wait for 30minutes for Simple Plan to start as they were scheduled to start at 9pm but not everyone managed to get in before 9pm - the doors were opened at 7pm! That's how packed the place was!

We managed to sit in front of our table and saw the stage pretty much perfectly. I was getting thrilled when the clock was 9.05pm. Simple Plan would start any minute now!!
And then they started!

"Shut Up"

Have I already said how much better they sound when you see them live? It's like a totally different band and the songs sound SO boring after you've seen them live! They love to make their fans scream and sing along - one reason I LOVE them to bits! 2 of the gigs I've seen have started with "Shut Up" while other 2 (2008 gigs) started with "Generation" which (at least we didn't) wasn't played this time.

"Can't Keep My Hands Off You"


As I never have the time or willingness to make a list of the songs they play and in which order I just put the songs I can remember to this post :3 Pretty much after those 3 songs they played "You Suck At Love" and me and Kim were pretty much over exited! The band IS and gig was the BEST!! I love the fact how they praised Helsinki, were a bit pervy on the stage, "The girls here are SO SEXY!!" (most of the girls in the front were teenagers!) and when David was telling he wants a Finnish girlfriend (or asking who wants to go to the shower with him after the gig) Pierre seemed to be laughing and added "Don't forget to check their IDs" -my thoughts exactly! :) Pierre was SO close on taking his shirt off (TWICE!) and the whole crowd went crazy :) They kept on thanking us in Finnish (Kiitos and Kiitos paljon), showing their Finnish skills and praising how Finland is like Canada but women here are a LOT sexier ;)

If the whole crowd wasn't in love and excited over the gig during the first 4 songs they started screaming when "When I'm Gone" started!

And another song like that was "Your Love is a Lie". Especially since it's the crowd was the one who sang: "and do you think about me when he fucks you"

"Do you have phones or lighters? I want to see those as you're my stars!" (after this I pretty much started screaming as I just knew they were going to play it!)

Apart from those songs they also played a cover medley of "Moves Like Jagger" , "Dynamite" and "Sexy and I Know It"(first time I can stand the song!!) "I know party in Finnish! It's PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" "I want all of you beautiful girls to dance to this!"

I LOVE when they do the covers during their shows! In 2008 they covered at least Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl".
And just look at these covers:

This is what we saw:

And the Jet Lag DID start like that :) The crowd sang Natasha Bedingfield's parts :) If I would have started to cry it would have been during this song :)

"Let's go to the beach! It's just me and all of you!!" (Summer Paradise is 2914387648929087426798 times better live!)

They also played "Thank You" and a medley of their first album (for example "God Must Hate Me", "You Don't Mean Anything" and "My Alien")

And before they left the stage they played "I'd do Anything":


We left before the encore because we wanted to get out of the club before it became impossible and while we were heading out we heard them playing:

"Loser Of The Year"

"I'm Just A Kid"

And that's about when we left. Before leaving we went and bought tour posters with SP's autographs and left home being happier than in a LONG time :) I just LOVE the band and no matter what I want to see them again as soon as possible!! (Hopefully it won't take almost 4 years like last time :))

And apparently I only missed one song - "Perfect"

Take care!!
I'll be doing a "normal" post after I'm done with school work (I'm getting more and more stressed now that the school is going to end in a month!!) and I'm a bit more relaxed :)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am a LADY and I wish to be addressed as such.

Hopefully tomorrow's gig will change my mood for the better (for good :)).
But here's a video of what S has pretty much been listening to through the whole weekend:

(too bad he's not ready to do anything to make me feel better stop whining)

But yeah~ Simple Plan in 24 hours :) It will be a great gig even though I won't be home before 1am and the first classes start around 8.30am - IF we have those (I'm probly skipping~). SO I'll be sleeping until 8.30am and take the bus to school to attend the second class at 10am. After that I have 4 hours worth of skip hours and I'll be working on school assignments~ YAY for busy school schedule!


ps. my brother will be having some kind of a show on Saturday and he'll be singing "My Heart Will Go On" (and in reality he can't sing at all) SO me and S will be going to see that as my mom was kind enough to invite us. (I seriously think mom is finally getting that S is here to stay :))

Whiny Whininess #2

Spent the last night doing pretty much nothing. S's friend will check whether he can save some files from my crashed external hard-drive or not, I met them yesterday after all but I didn't really eat a thing - I just had a lot of tea (as always). Managed to write a couple of letters while S was watching "the Big Bang Theory" and went to bed around 1am after getting angry at stupid people.

L: "Why can't I just hit stupid people?"
S: "It's like hitting a puppy, they don't know why they were hit.."
(I get violent when I'm tired/sick/angry)

Today I woke up twice (three times if you include my inception moment - dream within a dream! \(^_^)/) thanks to my dad. My brother had put his phone to the washing machine (God I'm so proud of him) and there's a place for a summer worker in a local book store - I sent an application immediately.
After that I woke up S by calling him (he can never get angry at me waking him up even though he hates it<3) and since then I've been pretty much catching up with some assignments - one deadline on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday and Russian exam on Thursday (Привет! Как дела? Меня зовут Лилы~ and so on). I also kept on whining about everything to S as I feel a bit stressed out (another mental break down coming up?) and I have a feeling I'm never getting out of this town............

When does the summer vacation start? I want to be able to relax without stressing over the stupid school assignments I don't really even need and FINALLY catch up with my mail...


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Everything was cancelled. I got a call from Kim around 9am, after sleeping for 10 hours, that the weather is quite bad and she would've wanted to take the photos inside and outside the cathedral so we decided to postpone it once again (next week we'll definitely try to go and take photos as there will be 4 of us in cosplay costumes - yay~).
My ankle still hurts a bit so I decided I'm not walking at all so the movie plan was cancelled. And if that wouldn't have cancelled the plans my health would have. I'm sick once again D: Had to call S that I won't be meeting him and his friends because I'm pretty much spending my time in the bed..

Too bad my Vietnamese flatmate is behind her locked doors, I'd love to talk with her for once but no.. I can only hear her talking with her friends in skype.. :/ Why does she have to spend time behind her locked door? :(

SO yeah, I'm pretty much only whining today and everything seems so boring and dull (I blame the weather! :<)


Friday, April 13, 2012

"You look like a doll"

I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th before our last class (ITC) around 12pm. I started thinking back and realized I hadn't had any problems today (apart from the fact that I didn't really sleep because I wasn't tired enough and had to wake up too early and almost ran late once again (TYPICAL) AND today I forgot my whole wallet home so S was kind enough to buy me the student lunch at the cafeteria).

I had been complaining about my feet since morning (the sneakers are planning on murdering me slowly but surely) and I had planned on taking a bus back but since I realized I had left my wallet home (and won't take any more of S's money) I decided to suck it up and walk after all - 4 kilometres of pure pain in my right ankle and foot. When I made it home I threw my sneakers as far away from myself as possible and went to the bed to whine about the pain (and I'm still whining about it to S - "You don't understand my pain!!" (I'm a terrible girlfriend))

I had a tandem meeting after a couple of days and I was dead tired during the session. I was seriously falling asleep more than once and in the end D was even joking on carrying me to my apartment (I live on the 5th floor while he lives on the 3rd).

D: "You're not that heavy right? Something like 50kg.. NO! 45kg!! Definitely not more than that!"
L: *just nodding and thinking about the diet*

Before that we had had a chat about the fact that I do photoshoots now and then and he had seen the pictures on my facebook page. "You look beautiful in those. I mean you're different than normally. Like a doll! That's what I was after!"

Pictures via
Now I'm already half a sleep and I need to wake up early tomorrow for the photoshoot (luckily the tandem meeting was cancelled and the next time we meet is on Sunday), then probly meet S and a couple of his friends after that and if my leg is okay I'm going to the movies with S :3 But we'll see~

Good night (or afternoon or morning depending where you're located)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cover Letter Assignment

It's great how much my bf knows about me. And abuses the time while I'm on the phone with Kim talking about our cosplays and Saturday's photoshoot (and having a small argument that I don't look like myself during our normal photoshoots as I wear a wig and her clothes etc~.) to write my assignment.
But yeah, the first paragraph is written by me, the rest is by S. (and I'd rather send this to the teacher than the one I'm gonna write after deleting S's awesome work.)

Dear Sir,
                I found your job advertisement from website of Finnish Employment Agency I am very interested in the job you are offering. 

I am a 20 years old student living in Porvoo. I study Tourism in University of Applied Sciences. In addition, I have completed the Hygiene Passport training and Alcohol Passport training.

I am an active, positive and social individual. I love being and working with people, and I seem to get along with everyone. Except blondes. I can’t stand blondes. They are always so fake, it makes even Barbie jealous. And she’s a piece of plastic with improbable dimensions, for crying out loud! Poor Ken, he would be so much better off without that plastic bitch. 

In fact, the only thing I love more than working with and guiding people is cats. I freaking love cats! Cats are awwsome in their gorgeous, glorious, individual cuddliness! I want to be a cat when I grow up!

My mother tongue is Finnish, and I study in English. Now this obviously means I speak and write English pretty damn well, at least better than my boyfriend, who is not half as awesome as he thinks he is. Seriously, when you listen to the man, you could think he’s some weird breed of cat. I LOVE CATS! I can also speak Swedish quite well. I just don’t like to speak it, since only 5 per cent of Finnish population are Swedish-speakers, and the rest of us should not be forced to use the language solely to the benefit of the wealthy minority. Rich bitches. I hate them.

I am looking forward, but not very far, to hearing from you soon.

Yours so very sincerely,
Lily “Lil’Kay" 

Why wouldn't they hire me with a cover letter like that?

The photoshoot was postponed due to the fact that the cathedral is closed when we were planning on going to take the pictures, I had left my white knee socks at my dad's place and I have too many assignments to be finished by next Tuesday so we decided to change the date to this week's Saturday. By then I've gotten my knee socks, the cathedral will be open on Saturday around the time we'll be taking the pictures (I just need to take the earliest possible bus and walk a bit) and it's a better day since by then I've HOPEFULLY turned in some of my assignments (such as an updated version of our final report about the Tallinn trip, updated CV and cover letter for our Responsible Self-Management course, Russian homework since the exam will be held next week - and I'm having a slight struggle with the language.. OH! And I have another group assignment - a 2 page report and a 10 slides long power point of a hotel.. YAY~ (NAY~))

Today started off quite okay, I managed to get up when my phone's alarm went off (6.45am), changed clothes, made some breakfast and started writing since I got an inspiration thanks to my crazy imagination and interesting dreams. By the time I realized to check the time it was already 7.15am and I had to call S as he was already waiting for me (I'm starting to be late whenever I promise to meet up with someone.. :S). We managed to leave around 7.25am (didn't check the time since I was in a hurry) and arrived at school a bit before 8am. To my surprise waking up early and starting the classes at 8.15am doesn't feel as bad as it did during the winter since the sun is already rising when I wake up (SPRING IS COMING<3). We had some time to talk before the language classes started (he studies Spanish while I have Russian) and one of the blondes in our class saw S after over 2 weeks and seemed so happy~ "OMG! You've cut your hair!" Of course I didn't like it since I AM jealous and I don't like the girl at all (heard she was contacting S a lot during our 1st big project and so on..) and I left to my class right after that.

Luckily the Russian class today was quite interesting (though I still wonder how on earth I got a perfect mark from the last Russian course since I was away a lot and my grades weren't that great.. :/) and it was over quite quickly and school ended at 9.30am - seriously, I only have ONE class every Thursday and it's in the morning D:
I was waiting for S at the cafeteria and drank a second cup of tea for today. I was pretty quiet and smiled to myself when I saw that S came to the cafeteria but didn't see me so he went around without seeing me once (and seemed a bit upset I didn't call for him or anything). We sat and talked there for a while and then he started asking about the blonde girl - let's call her B for now - and whether I got a bit angry or pissed off. I smiled and acted up a bit like I didn't even know what he meant.
"Your expression seemed like you wanted to tell her to back off, "Back off, biatch""
I smiled a bit and managed to nod and meant that it was pretty much what went through my mind at that time.

There is some kind of an event happening at our campus today and tomorrow so we left for McDonald's around 10.20am because I had been telling him how I want the salad they have there (yup, to McDonald's for a salad. I have to be sick). I have the worst shoes ever and they cause me as much pain as they can (the only sneakers I found D:) and I was complaining about it. At one point we started talking about B and he was obviously thinking about something. And I just had to ask what.

L: "Hit me"
S: "Do you feel threatened by B?"
L: " a matter of fact I do."
S: "You're kidding right? You're smarter, you get me, you're more beautiful than she is and she's a blonde"

at that point I started laughing because we've had a talk about his taste in women and apparently he doesn't really like blondes (which is totally fine by me but the fact that he doesn't really admire Natalie Portman, Billie Piper nor Hayley Williams is still a mystery to me.. Especially since I do (slightly) resemble Hayley, at least at the moment. And I still ask him what the heck does he see in me. His taste is horrible :)) and I felt a bit better - B is never going to get rid of her fake blonde hair so I'm safe :) AND I'm crazy enough that he'll never get bored of me ;) Being bipolar and having sudden mood swings can be a good thing :)

Pictures via
And when we got to the McDonald's I realised I had left my wallet at home<3 Luckily I did have S with me and he paid<3 So I got the salad after all :3
After we ate I took the next bus back home while he stayed behind because of his job interview (I seriously hope he'll get the job! He also took my external hard drive with him since it died during weekend and I want to save as many files from there as possible!!!! ;;__;;). I managed to get home before the noon and a bit after that I heard we got mail and I found a letter from an Indonesian penpal I haven't heard from since December :)

Nice surprise - especially since S said that I CAN'T get mail "everyday"

Awesome stamps<3 >3<
Will have to spend the day and evening working with the school assignments D:


ps. S loves Doctor Who (but not as much as I do >3<) and has been complaining (at least to me it sounded like complaining) that we're not watching the second series (all the episodes are/were in my external hard-drive and the CDs where those are, are at my dad's place<3)

pps. Congrats Raven for getting accepted to the university of Aberdeen to major in English Literature<3 We'll be missing you and will definitely visit you in Scotland!! (I'll send myself to your doorstep as a parcel)

pps. I ordered a Union Jack t-shirt yesterday<3 Been dreaming of one since forever and now I'm finally getting one (all thanks to my dream of cosplaying Rose Tyler from Doctor Who<3)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Well, there is the cultural difference.."

I've lost one of my friends after I started dating because she and S don't get along that well (they had a small argument over an assignment and since then she has acted as if S doesn't even exist and neither do I if I'm with him).
Today was the second time I talked with her after I started dating and she was as cold as possible towards me even though I went to her to ask for help. We were supposed to be at a normal class but I found her from ICT class.

L: "Hey, we have budgeting right now"
A: "I know, I don't feel like going to the class.. I do *assignment name* by myself and exactly how I want to."
L: "......Well can you at least send me the Business Plan draft we made?"
A: "You can upload it from here."
L: "No I can't. My old laptop crashed and YOU were the one who uploaded it in there, not me."
A: *looks like she doesn't even want to talk with me* "Fine, I'll send it."
L: "Thank you.."

After all I got it but apparently we're not friends nor buddies anymore..
Well, can't be helped. At least I do have some friends from my class and there's always S. :)

Too bad I'm quite sure that I will be moving back to my dad's place in the end of May as I don't seem to have gotten a part-time job for the summer (I've tried my best to send good applications to as many places as possible but I haven't gotten any responses - and S got a call right after sending one application :<).
So I might need to be really quiet during the summer or drop some pals as I won't get any money during the summer and I can't hoard enough stamps during the next 1,5 months so that those would last through the whole summer X__x But yeah.. At least I have time to write letters.. And I will be in the middle of nowhere and I guess no one will be visiting me (especially since S is allergic to cats and will probably be working most of the time :<)

The only good thing I heard today was the fact that I will get extra 400€ during December (extra money<3 a bit less than I usually get in a month so in December I'll have almost 900€ in my bank account<3) and I got 2 letters. :)

But I seriously need to work on my assignments right now..................


ps. Thank you for over 21,000 hits<3

Photos via
pps. I'm having a cosplay photoshoot tomorrow<3 Photos will probably be up in here during the weekend :) And I will give a link to Kim's photography blog if she manages to publish those first ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The "CLICK" in penpal world - My small rant about penpalling

First of all, sorry for a crappy penpalling related post - I've been in a really bad mood for over 1 week and that's why I might sound like a b---h during this post. I love penpalling and my dear pals, I'm slowly but surely getting back to writing daily thanks to the fact that my mood swings are getting milder and milder everyday. :) And it's not that much of a rant - some of my thoughts about penpalling and lots of pictures in the end :)

 March 29th '12 - April 9th '12

Me writing letters
I don't know whether it's the fact that I haven't been writing in a while, I'm in a bad mood or just that there isn't the magical "click" that so many penpallers talk about but while I was replying to some letters I hadn't replied in a while (I haven't really written anything - before now - since I started dating S) but a couple of my new pals (3) to be just don't seem like people I'd like to write to in a long run.. Or the 1st letter gave off some vibes I didn't like.....

1) I felt quite bad when I read a letter from a potential new pal. I had written her a normal length letter with all the basic info about myself and as always the first letter was 3-4 pages long (A5 - written on both sides with my quite small handwriting) - she had asked me to start writing with her and insisted on me writing first. Usually I don't want to do this (if you want to write with me you write first, if I want to write with you I write first) but this time I thought "why not".
I got a 1 page (A4 - her hand writing is quite normal - 25 lines/page) letter back and I started to wonder whether she really is dedicated to penpalling..
I personally do enjoy receiving letters (who wouldn't?) but what I enjoy more than that is pouring my heart and soul to the paper I have in front of me (when I'm upset I start writing and forget my worries). I might take my time (and even longer) to reply to the letters I get but up until now I haven't left any letter I've received without a reply no matter what. Reading a received letter is really a feeling I love but after I've finished reading it I start planning on the reply and what I should tell him/her and what has happened since the last letter :)
I've written a reply to this one and I hope the next reply I get will be a longer one because the letter I got was a bit impersonal and I don't know whether I can click with a person like that.

2) I felt a bit irritated while reading this one before starting to write the reply. This one is 3 years older than I am and can't really write anything but simple clauses in English. How am I supposed to write with someone like that? I need someone I can have deep conversations with without the other NOT getting me wrong most of the time AND with someone who understands and is able to reply properly. I know that not everyone can have great English skills but I've had even deeper conversations with Asians who are 4-5 years younger than I am! (The "one" I'm talking about is from Europe). SO I am thinking 'bout giving this one another chance (even though I got a bit pissed off - can be also the fact that I wasn't in a great mood and I was tired when I was reading his letter - there is no difference in my writing style no matter my mood) and we'll see if the letters will start evolving.

3) A letter started with a short introduction: name, age, about location, siblings, pets and then to: "you can trust me with all your secrets". I bet she meant it in a good way but it gave off some bad vibes to me.. I'm shy and a bit introvert (but really moody and extrovert with people I know - like with Kimmy and S) and it takes a while from me to trust people so I don't know how this will go on.. She barely introduced herself, made some quite personal questions but didn't reply to those herself! :/ I'm worried I should just start dropping more and more of my pals and concentrate on the ones I know I click with and have things to write to and share things (and if you ask something, you answer to the question as well).. And the letter was ended with "reply quickly". Not a line I want to read in the first letter (or even normally in letters.. I get really anxious when there are those 2 words at the end of the letter and it usually means I take my time with the letter)...

The oh so mysterious "click"
The click is something mysterious that binds penpallers together and gets them to trust each other and open up like they were talking to each other face to face. In the penpalling groups, net-sites and forums I've been spending way too much time I've usually found people talking about the "click". It's just as in real life, one gets to know someone with exchanging (some) words and ideas and you tend to decide based on those facts whether you two will get along and become friends or not. I TEND to click with most of my irl friends but there are some I don't click with that well or just don't click with anymore (note that I do get to know people quite easily but I only have 6 friends I truly trust in - including my BFF and BF).
I need to "click" with my penpals or else it just won't work (I don't feel like writing when there are letters from people I just don't seem to click with) and I believe it's the same with everyone. At times the "click" doesn't happen before the 2nd or 3rd letter but in some cases it just is there from the beginning. For example Ai-chan's first letter was quite short and boring but I wrote back to her and her second letter was really personal (and really fun to read!!), 3 times longer than her first letter and I just saw the click there. I believe she's someone I can really talk (write) with, just like I do with F, Maria and Aya-chan :)

Dropping pals
First of all, if I have to drop my pals I drop them because I won't be able to reply that often if I won't get a summer job. No job = no money = rare replies. And I know some of my pals don't like waiting for their letters... So I'm sorry if you get offended by me talking about dropping pals but my life has changed a lot during this year and I just can't keep up with the letters if I don't get the money to buy stamps.............
I bet anyone active in the world of penpalling has been dropped more than once in their lives.. Sometimes you get a message from a pal that it just wouldn't/doesn't work, the magical "click" is missing, they've just given birth, they've started a new relationship (I was afraid this or the next one would have happened to me with S but luckily no - he doesn't mind me writing letters or postcards), their partner doesn't like him/her to send letters to other men/women etc. And then there is the worst way to be dumped: without a word. You send a letter to your pal and keep on waiting for a letter that never arrives. I've lost a great deal of possibly great pals like this (from New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Korea, Japan, USA, GERMANY (apparently Germans don't like me as I've started to write with over 20 of them and 95% won't make it over the 2nd letter D: and still I keep on trying to see whether I could find an active pal from there), France, Belgium, Greece and Russia) which is why I personally decided not to leave any letter without a reply no matter what. I know how it feels not to get a reply so I'd rather be dumped as a pal than dump someone. And I usually keep on asking whether people have received my letters or not - if not I tend to rewrite the letters no matter how many times I have to do it.

Letters and postcards I managed to write by April 9th:
Not that many since I had a short time during that ~2 weeks when I didn't write because I was too pissed off to and I hated everyone and everything. Know the feeling?
But I still managed to get rid of quite many letters and I'm proud of myself :)

Letters: Austria, 3x Germany and Spain
Postcard: Thailand
stamps on the letter that will travel to Spain
to Germany
to Germany
To Germany (x2)
Letter to Finland :3
to South Korea (one of my first foreign pals<3)

to South Korea (I'm afraid I messed up the address because I wrote it in Korean...)

Postcard to China
Letter&Postcard to Taiwan

to Finland

Some received mail

Postcard from China (postcard pal)
Letter from USA (1 new stamp<3)

Letters from Finland
Postcard from Russia (postcrossing)

Postcards from Spain (X travelled there) and Japan

The Japanese postcard I got<3 I LOVE cherry blossoms :)

What I bought on Wednesday April 4th (and got from S on April 6th)

BEAUTIFUL postcards (sending a couple and the rest might end up being a part of my future give away :3)

Helsinki postcards~

2x cat envelopes and a Kokeshi (sticker) postcard

I got juice tea from the States

Surf Style South Beach - beach bag:)

Hello Kitty paper (from Hello Kitty store >3< Can't believe I managed to drag him to one in Tallinn and he went to one in the States :')) and a WrestleMania XXVIII teddy :)
That's my "rant" for this time, I'm quite pleased with the penpalling world at the moment - we'll see whether it changes before or during the summer :)

Have a great time with penpalling and have a great mail week!! ^^