Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whovian. ("Update")

After being so incredibly inactive with blogging and penpalling for about 2 weeks now (and I've had some social life after a couple of years of being mostly glued to my computer or writing table) I'm slowly but surely getting back to writing (especially after seeing that Aya wrote a 36 pages long letter!! Even showed the post to my boyfriend and he couldn't believe his eyes).

I've been spending most of the time with him and most of the time I REALLY enjoy it. For example on Thursday when I managed to get to the last class from 2.30pm to 3.40pm we went to the local Chinese restaurant together (it was International Women's Day), had fun and in the end he bought me over 1kg of sweets (I told him I wanted sweets..) yet in the evening he went and bought some flowers to other girls with his roommate (but was nice enough to let me know - I've been bitching about it since then).On Saturday we went to see a play in a local theatre as M was acting there (but we spent the time before the play talking and we watched the 3 first episodes of Doctor Who (2005 series) and he said he likes it!!!! ^^) after the play he came over again amd left around 11.30pm when I kicked him out.
Today he came over in the morning and we spent the day working on our school assignments - easier to do when there's someone watching that you're doing what you're supposed to. After I finished most of the assignments we watched 2 episodes of Doctor Who and left for the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to get his roommate. It was around 7.30pm when we got back to Porvoo and I went to his place for the last time as he'll be moving tomorrow and his friend and friend's girlfriend came over. I was mostly the shy and introvert girl sitting quietly and smiling in her chair (I'm really shy in new "situations"). Left from there around 10pm and now I SHOULD be going to bed BUT I don't feel like it (and I need to leave around 9am to school so~ :))
But yeah. I'm getting back to writing the assignments after the beginning of this week and especially between March 23rd and April 5th as I have an intensive week on week 12 and after that we get a new schedule and some classes end while others begin (=more time to concentrate on various things)



  1. Wooo, I became so famous xD Maybe I'll be your inspiration to write now ;D
    Looks like you're both going to watch Doctor Who now. Does he know you like David T. that much?
    Good luck with those crazy assignments, they keep coming for you all the time.

    1. You got me to write one letter even though I should have been studying for Swedish, Russian and Law exams :D
      Yes, he knows I adore Tennant (heck, I even have a BIG poster of him in my room as well as LOTS of pictures on my wall..) and I told him that I'd dump him for David Tennant :'D
      Thanks! I'm finally catching up with the assignments and after this week I'll be off for a while and have time to relax (especially since the exams are over<3)