Friday, March 30, 2012

Wake Up Call

"Are you at school?"
"No.. I'm at home.."

Mommy dearest decided to call me today and wake me up at 9.30am, I had my alarm clock ringing on 10.15am because I seriously wanted to sleep and I got to bed after 2am (after a day during which I went to school in vain, ate a full box of biscuits all by myself, drank at least 15 cups of tea (and a couple of glasses of green ice tea), wrote 6 letters (I started with the shortest ones - replies were 3 pages written on both sides) and managed to get to the 10th episode of Roswell :)). After she left (she came when I was quickly trying to change my clothes in our bathroom) I had about 1 hour time to eat breakfast and pack my things before I had to leave to school (IHad to use my winter shoes with ~5cm heel in order to avoid new blisters)..

More about yesterday: I got a call around 7pm - RAVEN was calling me! :D I hadn't called her in a while nor had we talked but I was really thrilled to spend the ~20minutes updating each other about our current lives. She had ordered some tea from my favourite British shop and I bet I'll end up doing the same if I ever get the money to :S She bought a kindle (I want one as well ;;__;;) and she has a job until the end of May.. :) I'm a bit jealous because I can't find a job from around here :( She asked about me and S and she pretty much laughed when she heard that I've practically shown S what kind of a person I truly am (at my best and at my worst). I seriously miss my and Raven's daily chats with a cup of tea! :(

After the phone call I got back to letters (a bigger blog post about those around next weekend as I want to write a LOOO~NG post dedicated to snail mailing and I'm probably adding a couple of rants to that - already started writing it AND I want to have the time to decorate the envelopes since usually all of my envelopes are UGLY D:) to distract myself. I keep myself busy all the time not to feel sad/depressed or miss S while he's on the other side of the globe (and at least one of my friends already mentioned this to me - "Hopefully, letters keep you busy enough to not miss HIM :)"). I do miss him but I don't want to keep on thinking about it (I hate evenings when I'm trying to get to bed and start sleeping - I get way too many thoughts and ideas and I really start missing him D:)

The ICT class went rather quickly and now I'm already going through my mail (which one to write next), I read the letter and a card I got today from Germany and Finland and I'm spending quality time with my little brother :)

I seriously love some of my friends or people I know :) An old friend of my dad has send quite nice comments and messages now and then and the latest that made my day came today :)
I shared "news" in facebook that David Tennant is the new face of a Virgin Media Advertising Campaign and added "I still want to marry that guy" (Even S knows that I'd dump him for David Tennant ;)) and I got a comment:
Little Georgia Moffett
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came Lily,
Who sat down beside her
And pushed Miss Moffett far away! I'll be expecting a wedding invitation, good luck and success!

I started laughing since last year me, X and Raven were planning on getting rid of Ms. Moffett ;) And since the exact same guy was the first to call me "Lil' Kay" and gave me my newest nickname :)

I need to clean up today, do some laundry, continue letter writing and just try not to feel bad about not dyeing my hair (L and T came to school today and L gave me a red hair dye for free since she can't use it herself) :)


ps. I'm changing my shoes to the ones I bought from Lappeenranta (~10cm heel<3) until I find my sneakers :)


  1. Missing those chats badly, too! :( You have to get tea and kindle! It's so fab, both of them ;D
    And I wish I could use those shoes more but thanks to my job and the current weather here, won't be happening anytime soon. Please snow, go away! ;)

    1. I'll definitely get the tea but we'll see about the kindle.. :D If I won't get a job I won't get anything :)
      Snow is FINALLY (little by little) melting from here so I will start using those (especially since it seems like my old fav. shoes have disappeared ;;__;;)

  2. You met your mom? How was the meeting?
    The pics you used were so cute, and the cat looks like a plushie with those eyes and the tail so fluffy :D
    I know who told you that xDDD darn, I should have said " not miss HIM much."xD
    I object! Your envelopes are never boring, don't lie :p
    Wait wait, who wrote that comment for you?

    1. The meeting was quite normal, she kept on complaining about the apartment, about the smell (my Vietnamese roomie had just cooked something and used Asian spices so of course it smelled weird -__-).
      I have too many favourite pics from weheartit and I try to use them up little by little :DD
      Well, I've tried to keep myself busy or braindead in order not to miss him or anything else :3
      My envies are usually plain boring :)
      The Georgia Moffett- comment? an old friend of my dad's :) I've known him for a LONG time and I seriously love the man :D