Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday after school (Russian class ended up lasting for 30 minutes - Yay. -__-) I walked to the bus station with S and he took the first bus to Helsinki (at the moment he's on the aeroplane to Miami while it's cloudy and cold in Porvoo). After that I walked home, got a call from my BFF Kimmy and she came over. I promised to help her a bit with her application assignments (she's trying to get to universities to major in art. Fingers crossed peeps!). SHe came over, we had tea and a couple of sandwiches before we left around 7.30pm. I came back home 8.30pm and felt a bit weak for one reason or another. Called S and whined a bit (I'm a terrible girlfriend, I know) and after that I started cleaning up my room as I didn't have anything better to do and I wanted to avoid all of the possible panic attacks by doing something to distract myself.
In the end I managed to write a letter to Germany and went to bed around 12.30am.

This morning I woke up around 6.30am as S called me (like he promised) a bit before he left. We talked on the phone for a while (can't remember that much as he woke me up and I was still half a sleep) and I went back to sleep after the phone call and woke up 10.10am. I'm quite okay but I don't feel like doing anything now and I'd LOVE to skip Thursday and Friday (seriously! Only one ICT class on both days! D:) but I know I can't because then I'd start skipping school way too often (as I did during the Autumn).

I'm going to go to a tandem course meeting in about 3 hours (DON'T FEEL LIKE IT D:) and it's going to take 3-5 hours which means the time is taken away from the letters D: I've been writing things down and I'm starting another letter (or two) today :) I wish I can "get rid" of most of the letters during the time he's away and then I can mail all of those out after Easter!!! ^^

Gotta get back to cleaning the room and sorting out my snail mail supplies before I take my morning tea and start waking up properly :) (and waiting for the mail man)

OH! I finally got my pocket sized digital scale yesterday!! It'll help me with penpalling! ^^ From now on I know how much the letters and packages weight and I can check how many stamps they need without needing to go to the post office! ^^

What I sent on Monday :)
And the scale<3

Have a great week!



  1. What is tandem course? I hope you weren't bored to death. Do you still have many letters to reply? Mine starting pilling up this week again :D I can't let that happen.
    That digital scale is such a good thing, I have to worry about my letetr weight all the time. I would need this thing too.

    1. Tandem course is a student-student course where the students try to teach each other their native languages :) I'm learning Russian this way :) But unfortunately my pair is.. Well he likes to concentrate on everything else except the studying so when we study for 1,5 hours we do 1,5-2 hours something else :/
      I have way too many letters to reply to.. I've been really lazy with letter writing lately so I gotta keep on writing all the time and write something whenever I have some time to :) I could skip tomorrow and spend the whole day writing letters....... :3
      It is! I bought it for nearly $8 from eBay and I LOVE it so much! :D It's a lot smaller than I imagined :D and I've already been weighting some of the letters I'm planning on writing (with something extra inside the envies :))