Sunday, March 25, 2012

"This Is Blasphemy"

Sorry for taking ages to write a new post. As this is my 300th blog post (can't believe I've kept the blog alive for nearly 2 years now..) I decided to try and do something different (or at least try to add as many different topics to this one so it will be a LOOOOOOOOOOOO~NG post.)..

here's a picture of a Hello Kitty Easter egg S bought me a while ago.

I know most of my readers are only here to see me blogging about the mail I send and receive (and I personally follow (mostly) letter blogs as well) so I try to start to combine posts so that there are something about my mail most of the time as well as something what's on my mind as this is the only way to keep myself sane while I'm busy with school.(even now I SHOULD be doing school work and not going through my blog or writing a new post that won't be posted in a while due to my busy schedule).(Latest exam results: Russian - 3,5 and Law - 4,5 (the best possible grade is 5 so I'm quite happy :)))

I spent last week's Sunday with S as we were planning on staying up all night so that the Tuesday wouldn't be that hard (had to wake up latest at 4.15am - and I did). I don't remember that well what we did - went shopping quite early, talked, had fun, drank way too many energy drinks (we washed our clothes on Saturday if I remember right - there are 2 washing machines for the students in the ground floor of the building where I live - had a lovely breakfast that morning:
yummy...... Yoghurt and ED energy drink. I don't normally even drink energy drinks..) Around 2am we started making tortillas and I ended up leaving it since I was so tired. And I was drinking my 2nd energy drink of the day/night at that point.. I gave up around 5am and kicked him out and fell asleep immediately. I think I opened up a bit more during that night (I tend to keep things inside).

On Monday I woke up a bit after 9.30am and felt like going back to bed - it was SNOWING AGAIN!!

I spent the day with S (AGAIN) and we were watching Doctor Who, S met my mom for the first time and we worked on our Finnish assignment which we managed to finish on Friday while I was complaining about it and kept on saying that I suck and that I'm stupid. (that's what happens when people keep on telling you that you're stupid) Went to bed around 9pm and woke up 4.15am. Opened the first energy drink 4.20am and drank the second one before 8am. :)

I spent 3 days in Tallinn (THERE WAS NO SNOW!!) last week (March 20th-22nd - Tuesday-Thursday) and I had a GREAT time. The group became a bit closer (it was so much fun!) and I was able to spend time with S. We walked around the city while we were working with our project. Thanks to the fact that the prices are a lot lower in Estonia than in Finland we went to restaurants to eat every day (it was great!! Finally I was able to eat out even though I have the known student budget wherever I go :)) We also went shopping (TEA!) during the trip and in the end I came back with LOTS of green ice tea (not available from Finland for one reason or another) and cheap (Pickwick) tea I've been looking for from everywhere I've gone to - I got 2 bags of this tea when I did some swaps in postcrossing forums and since then I've been looking and now I know where to go and buy those :3

Before we left S made it clear to me that whatever I'd take with me from Porvoo to Tallinn and from Tallinn to Porvoo I'd carry by myself. I would carry everything on my own - in the end his backpack was full of the ice tea I bought from Tallinn. I felt a bit bad that he took those since we made a deal about it but he took those and didn't really listen to me (well I didn't really even try to get him to change his mind.. :))...

What I brought back with me in the end


The group stayed in a hotel near the centre and I shared the room with a Russian girl K. I've never before really talked with her but she's REALLY nice! I had fun talking with her and listening to her translate some of the parts of the Russian tv-show I didn't quite get :) We stayed there for 2 nights and got a breakfast to the room - 1 sandwich, 1 yoghurt, 1 cup of tea/coffee and 1 glass of apple/orange juice :) My breakfast included tea and apple juice :)


During the trip back from Tallinn we spent time at the bar area of the ferry. I was complaining about everything (as always when I'm tired) and I used S as a pillow. The group had finally found out that we ARE dating (they were drinking the night before and at one point F looked at us and started to talk again with "So you two are a couple?" - F is the gayest straight guy I've seen ;)) and during the trip back we were all so tired that no one cared what others were doing. We had one teacher with us and during the trip to Tallinn she had acted and talked as if she noticed that me and S are an item. During the trip back she took some photos and said that we look like a couple. We just let it be since we were tired and I was concentrating on everything else except what the teacher was saying (she's our class' semester coordinator as well). She came back from the tax free a while after I started using S as a pillow and hold his hand. She looked at us and if I remember correctly she said that our body language gave us out and she asked how long we've been together and whether there are other pairs in our class. We were just smiling, answered to her questions and I was talking about "rosey" (I kept talking to him how I want a flower starting from when we got to Tallinn and on the last evening he finally bought me one BUT it died during the trip back D: It was really pretty sparkly red rose :(). I was at home around 12.30am and I went to bed almost immediately (after going to the shower and being extra happy about the fact that I had received 3 letters (1 from Aya- one I was REALLY looking forward to - the envelope is the cutest!) and a postcard from my Chinese postcard pal. :))

What I had received between Tuesday and Thursday! Aya, S/GER, N/GER and S/China


Aya's letter!

Apart from hanging out with S at my apartment on Friday (he'll be travelling to the States Wed 28th March-Fri 6th April so I'm trying to keep him all to myself the whole time before he needs to leave.) a pal of mine made my day (even S was laughing and complained that he doesn't have as adorable friends as I do :))

"You're BACK :D
I realized because you're back on TUMBLR!"

I was pretty much glued to him on Friday and it was FUN. I don't usually voice out my thoughts so he keeps on asking now and then whether this and that is okay and so on. I love hugging. And best part of it is that he loves spending time with me as much as I love spending time with him. :) I didn't get any mail that day but it didn't really bother me - I read the 2 letters I got from Germany (2 and 3 sided letters) and the postcard on Thursday evening and I had Aya's 22 sided letter left for the morning (I wanted to be awake, have the time to read the letter and drink tea while doing it - I'm a caffeine addict. And if I drink tea after 10 or 11pm I'm staying up until 2-3am.) So I started reading Aya's letter in the morning before S came over. I had read Aya's post about the letter she sent to me while I was with S so he knew what I was waiting for (and how it should look like) and when he came over (my flatmate T was also awake at that point and we were in the kitchen having some sort of breakfast) I was waving the envelope and smiling like a madman. "Look what I got!" He looked at it a while and smiled a bit. Then he saw the letter and T said she would never have the time nor energy to write something like that and S was asking whether we're exchanging letters or novels :3 I seriously love that guy. I spent the rest of the day with him (minus the couple of hours when he met his BFF) and when my dad came to pick me up I kept harassing S with text messages even though I know he doesn't really like those.. :3

On Saturday morning I wake up around 6am nearly crying. I had a terrible nightmare and my first reaction was to look for the phone and I almost called S. When I saw what the time was I dropped my phone and tried to calm myself down so that I could get back to sleep and not wake him up like I did on Friday morning. Took me a while but I did calm down in the end but didn't really get back to sleep. I let my cat out of my room (he slept next to me) and started working with stamps that I got from the 3 letters I received this week (YAY! LOTS of new stamps!! :3) After those were done (I need a new book for the stamps soon :S) I started going through internet (facebook games~) and writing postcards and letters. (at this point it's 12.30am Sat-Sun night and I've written 2 letters (to Sri Lanka and South Korea) and 2 postcards (to China and Australia) today - I also wrote and sent a letter to my childhood friend (the one who's spending a year in the Canada at the moment) when I was in Estonia)- I also managed to mail a postcard to A/Netherlands on Friday but it was waiting to star its travel for almost a week).

postcard to A/Netherlands

letters and postcards. (Hockey bird stamps I bough on Friday)

to M/Sri Lanka

Postcard to Australia (Fairy card - in the envelope)

postcard to China

Letter to South Korea

A chat between me and S during Saturday since I went to see my cat and didn't stay in Porvoo for the weekend ( :( ) and yes, we use both Finnish AND English (or as we joke I use British and he uses American) when we talk to each other:
L: "I gotta go and get some tea"
S: "Why did that make me smile like an idiot?"
L: "because you know I get cranky if I don't get my tea?"
S: "Because "Tea" is such a big part of your character."
L: "What? :D tea is a part of my character?"
S: "If I'd have to define your character, one of the words I'd use would be tea."
L: "I love you :)"
S: "I have my moments."

I still have no idea how I'm going to survive the time he's in the States. I have most of the letters sent and replied to (and if things go as I fear I will have a lot of free time during school days and at school so I will be writing school things and letters most of the time.. :/). I've been complaining about this to him for a couple of days already and I know I'm not even trying to make his change his mind about the trip. I want him to go there and have fun, I just want him to spend time with me before he has to leave.. :/ But luckily I'll be going back to Porvoo tomorrow and I don't really have any classes on Monday SO I can stay up late and spend the Sunday evening and the whole Monday with him. :3 And after that I get back to letters, I already started the 3rd letter of the day and I bet I will finish it during Sunday (to NJ/USA).

But I think this is it for now.. My 300th blog post and these will keep on coming no matter what. I need this to stay sane. :)



  1. "The" SMarch 25, 2012 at 2:09 AM

    The following has nothing to do with penpalling. Feel free to skip this comment if you only follow Lily's blog for that.

    Yeah, it's me, the oft-mentioned "S". Lily gave me a permission to comment on this blog post (yeah, I asked her permission for that. Aren't I sweet?) because I feel the need to defend myself a bit.

    First off, the Hello Kitty egg was in its proper shape when I bought it, ok? It must've gotten hit or something when it was in her bag.

    In case you didn't know, Lily is not stupid at all(how's that for an understatement -.-). I have never said so, even if the post may sound like I did. (In fact I have been saying something quite on the contrary.)

    I told her she will carry her bags to, in and from Tallinn, yes. I did not do this because I am a heartless ass, because I'm not. (I'm a good-hearted ass.) I happen to have a weak knee that starts to hurt if I carry heavy stuff.

    In case you're wondering, what of her stuff did I end up carrying... Look at the picture. I carried pretty much everything that says "Nestea" or "Lipton" in it.

    I had decided to buy her a flower from Tallinn when she first brought up the subject. I just did not want to buy it before we'd leave, since it wouldn't survive that way. (The fact it didn't survive anyway does not remove my good intentions.)

    I do have friends, they just aren't as... something as hers. (No-one of them gave me an enthusiastic greeting when I returned after a couple of days :< )

    I do like text messages. As in, receiving them. I just severely dislike (do not hate, kiddos!) typing them.

    That she didn't call me after waking up from a nightmare is due to her own decision, and in no way any of my doing. I don't mind being woken up by her :)

    I'm not really that smug. It's an act. (Mostly. It's just hard to be modest when you're this awesome.)

  2. No need for defend oneself here. Lily is my dear friend(and I'll hurt anyone who will hurt her ^^" ). I know she's not stupid and I wish she'd love herself more. I would write her novels all the time, but that'll take too long, because my new thoughts came when I have posted the letter already -_-''
    Yah, I can't believe they don't sell that tea in Finland. Poor you bringing that much home.
    Oh yeah, when I started living on tumblr I noticed Lily coming there often too ^^ *come to the dark side, we have tumblr*xD
    OOh, I hope you're not getting addicted on those energy drinks n__n and what kind of laptop is that one below in the photo? Maybe you have the same as mine :)

    1. I'm blaming my mom for turning up like this ;) Can't help but think that most of the things she said about me are true after she has kept repeating those for YEARS.. :)
      Haha :D I hope my letter won't end up as a novel since I've already started taking notes about the subjects I need to write of :3
      I KNOW!! I seriously need to go back to Estonia as soon as possible! (The cheapest country to travel to - 10€ by bus to Helsinki and ~15€ by a fast ferry to Tallinn :DD)
      Living in tumblr? Who, me? No, no, no.. I just.... Like to reblog 99% of the posts I see from the 13 people I follow in there......... :3
      Too bad I'm getting addicted to the energy drinks slowly but surely.. I didn't even like those before 2012 but now that I can choose a drink from the shop I usually take some kind of an energy drink (ED Hydro) instead of Coca-cola light (which used to be pretty much the only soda I ever bought).
      The one under the small school laptop? :D My school laptop is hp and my own (the black one) is CompaQ :D What about your lappie? :D

    2. I'd be like that if I believe everything I heard about me at home. We should cry about this on each other's shoulder one day xD
      Novel, please. Give me a reason to drink even more tea :D no, seriously, if you have things to tell, put them all down, I'll always read it.
      Seriously? You should move to Talinn, that way Lithuania would be even closer.
      I don't know what is worse, coke or those energy drinks n____n I wish your boyfriend would make you cut on those and drink tea all the time instead :P
      Ahh, CompaQ, I thought it's like mine. I have TOSHIBA, even if it's not a Japan made, but Japanese brand :D
      And by the way, I was glad seeing the picture of my envie that it came in nice condition. I've seen my letetrs looking worse after the travel. (at least it could've been stamped higher in the post)

    3. Definitely! :) It's going to be so awesome to meet you and then just both of us will start crying xD
      Haha :D I think I will start working on it after I've written a couple of letters that came before that :3 It's going to be a novel and I will pour my heart and soul to the papers :))
      Yeah!! It would be awesome to move to Estonia, the only problem is that I don't speak Estonian nor Russian xD But at least I know a cheap way to travel to Lithuania ;) First to Tallinn with a ferry and from there a plane :3 Not that expensive as if I'd take a plane from Finland D:
      I think energy drinks are worse :D And I bet S can't help me with getting rid of energy drinks as I started drinking those when we started dating and we drink tea AND energy drinks ;)
      I bet your lappie is in a better condition than mine is.. I'm sure it will have its funeral soon ;;__;;
      I'm happy with the envelope.. :) It's in a perfect condition considering the fact that it travelled through the Finnish post :DD