Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sent birthday package.

After squeeding a lot and getting excited about the fact that I'll be getting some mail soon S finally understood how much snail mailing really means to me. He has been laughing at me when I've been explaining him my hobbies (snail mailing, collecting postcards and stamps etc.) and the terms behind those but he really does understand how much it means to me. I even showed him some of the blogs I'm following and what kind of comments/posts snail mailers leave to each other. What made me even happier is the fact that he said it to my face and hopes that the letter I'm waiting for won't get lost :3

Yesterday we went to the local post office to mail Aya's birthday present (this time it costed only 6€ to mail it - I had already 3€ worth of stamps on the envelope and had to pay 3€ more for 4 stamps more :)). The stamps I used to mail her package include my favourite set of stamps for this year:

I LOVE those!

Another thing that happened to me, S and my brother:
we got stuck in an elevator/lift for nearly one hour today (and I'm slightly claustrophobic). It was SMALL (1mx1m) and we waited for 55minutes for someone to come and let us out. And while I was the smallest one of the 3 I was sitting on the floor (had to take some pills so that I wouldn't get a panic attack in the lift) trying to calm myself down. I was seriously starting to cry the whole time I was in there and even S said that he got really worried when I started to get all pale. If I would have needed to stay there any longer I would've probably passed out because I started to get anxious a bit before the repair man came. I was SO sure I would've died in there :) But luckily I'm alive! :D

I need to do some school work tomorrow as well as laundry since I spent this afternoon in a short shoot with Kimmy (and in the elevator) and I watched Doctor Who episodes with S in the evening.. :)
Will be having a small Doctor Who marathon on Sunday-Monday night (won't sleep just so that I will fall asleep early on Monday and wake up on Tuesday around 4am, be in front of the bus station on 5.30am and leave from Helsinki to Tallinn (for 3 days) at 7.30am :)



  1. Hooray, he now understands your passions :D And became double stalkers on blogs, should I worry?;D
    Those stamps are adorable, are those 4 more the same?
    Stuck in elevator?O.O recently I've been avoiding these things as I have some claustrophobia too and i never take it alone. Good that you're ok, but I wouldn't be able to stay there for so long n_____n

    1. He only stalks whenever I'm using blogger (he doesn't get the addresses neither does he take those up) but yeah, I bet you have one stalkers for one ;D
      Nope, unfortunately (for me) they didn't have those so they put 4 of another stamp there (so 5 new stamps for you and hopefully one for me ;))
      I was really panicking and took one of my strong pills for migraine just so that I wouldn't freak out (and S even said that I should take one in order not to freak out). I can use elevators but only with someone else - NOT going to an elevator with 2 other people. EVER again.

  2. I'll feel uncomfortbale knowing that you're readin t together or talking about me *runs to hide in a cave*.
    Ahh, you mean that one with rings? Luckily, I have more pals who likes stamps so I'll send few of those to others and I saw that you got some of those from Finnish pals so all is well :)
    Aw ;/ I would take it only with someone else and I wouldn't fear much with others, but never taking it alone. I'd rather walk up and catch breath on every floor.

    1. Why do you feel uncomfortable? :D He just knows how much I enjoy snail mailing and how great of a pen pal you are :D
      Yup. Can you send me one of those ring stamps? :3 My Finnish pals tend to use old stamps (mostly the Aurora Borealis ones) so I don't get the new stamps if I don't ask for those (or send a duplicate to a German pal of mine who sends the duplicates back to me if I ask him to :))
      I've tried to get rid of my fear of lifts but I'm still holding my phone in my hand whenever I go to the lift alone :D I'm always ready to call for help :DD