Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Roswell (High)

Since I was 10 I remember reading Roswell High books whenever I found a new one in Finnish. Most of my (female) friends belonged to "the Sister's Club" which was a book club about chick books. My friends usually got the Roswell books and I got to read them and to be honest I still own one or two of those books which were given to me by friends.

I got addicted to the book series and when I heard there was a tv show (kinda) based on the books I got excited! I knew I wanted to see the series and on top of that I loved the intro song as soon as I heard it (Dido - Here With Me) and I still love it!

Too bad I never really knew when the series aired in the tv so I never got to see more than max. 5 episodes. It was long ago and I think the only episode (or a part of the episode) is from the last episode of the last (3rd) season. I can still remember how angry I felt about the fact that I finally found out when the series was airing and then it ended.
Now I have all the series and can start from the beginning. The first episodes aired in 1999 and I feel a bit nostalgic about that. The series hasn't lost any of its power during these last (almost) 12 years and I'm almost as psyched as I was when I first found out about the Roswell High books (or started watching Doctor Who) :)

I've seen 3 first episodes today and I can't wait to watch more of those (need to reply to letters as well!!!) but as I'm skipping tomorrow (no reason to go to school ;)) and I have a tandem course meeting from 12pm to 2pm I can stay up quite long :3 (....and I have an energy drink in the fridge..)

Apparently you can also watch the series in youtube:


And last but not least the intro of the series 1!! :3

(sucky quality but still.. <3)


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