Thursday, March 1, 2012

A new flatmate~

"Smart Asian kid, moving in with a finlandssvensk and a rich b**ch from Espoo?"

As S described us (he LOVES to use stereotypes). He calls me a Finnish Swede because my dad is one and I usually act like they do - "pappa betalar" - "daddy pays".

But anyhow~ I got a 2nd flatmate yesterday. She moved in around 11pm and continued moving until at least 2am.. After that I went to bed just to wake up dead tired.
Luckily I had my first lesson from 10am forward but I was running late.
If I would have to describe this morning with one word it would be "FAIL". I fell to my knees with my shoes (I'm accidentprone), I THOUGHT I left my phone home while it was with me (ran back to my apartment just to find it in my bag) and then I ran to the bus stop with my high heels just to see that the bus was late.

And my lovely BF was waiting for me in the lobby. I didn't see him but he saw me and I realized he came since A started laughing and asked him "What's wrong with your hair?"
He used to look like a Lithuanian gangster (a Latvian guy named the look) and yesterday was the first time in a while I saw him with his "normal" hair and I got to say that I prefer it that way - made it clear to him and he decided to keep it like that. :) But he claims he looks like Justin Bieber with some extra pounds.

The classes were terrible and one of those annoying Estonian girls (I hate the Estonian girls from my class) started complaining about my way of keeping the group together (she wasn't able to do that last time - I was the one keeping HER group together) and when I was in a study room all alone with S all I could say to show how pissed I was:
"Screw you W*ore"
S looked at me really surprised and shooked his head.
"I bet I'll always be surprised when I hear you using strong language.."

It took a while from me to get over it (I was REALLY pissed) and then we started talking about everything else. I just LOVE talking with him.

We even agreed that he and his BFF (female.) will come to my place on Saturday so that I will meet M and she will meet me. I'm jealous (I'm insecure), a bit worried but most of all stressed over the fact that I need to clean up and would love to hide 99,9% of my personal stuff..
We'll see what I manage to do..


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