Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy Dearest...

After Sunday night's post I remembered I spent the Friday mostly alone and met my mom......
S already knows what my mom is like thanks to me explaining my relationship with her (example 1, example 2 - notice the fact that those were written over a year ago).
As usual me and my mom got into a fight immediately (even though we hadn't seen each other in a while) and it all started when she told me that one of her fellow workers knows where I study and apparently someone is talking about me (I didn't know and didn't care!) and she wanted to know who is talking about me. Then it went to even more personal things and I just shutted my mouth as I usually do whenever I have to meet her. My brother was with us in the car and after we dropped "Mommy Dearest" (as S has named her) my brother had the courage to let me know what was my mom's first reaction when he saw my bf (quickly when they brought my stuff last Sunday) and I got even more angry...

Yesterday I met her once again as she promised to bring me some of my things (I'm trying to spend all of the weekends and holidays in my apartment so that I won't have to see her). By the time I got out of school (4.30pm) she was already pissed since it took so long from me to get out and the fact that I asked some financial help from her due to the compulsory school trip to Tallinn. (She got angry and told me I have the time to get a job (WHEN exactly since you know my timetable so much better than I do.) and that I just can't depend on them all the time.....) I withdrew to my own "shell" and closed up before I had to see her and S noticed that trait of me for the first time.
After my mom went through the normal rant of how terrible I am and what I SHOULD be doing instead of studying tourism and writing letters (or -oh GOSH!- dating!). After mom left I spent some time on my own and around 8pm I went to S's new place (he lives in the apartment block next to mine now) to "meet" 2 of his friends. After they left his BFF and former flatmate came over and left a bit before 11pm. I left almost right after them and made it to bed by 12pm just to wake up 6.45am (and left 7.15am to school).

I also managed to put up the shower curtain last night (I bought it in November.) and finished one letter to USA :)

It's still ugly D:

I love the stamps!! :D

Today I spent most of the day at school (8am-3.30pm) and had one presentation class, Swedish exam (oral exam and I was paired up with S - AND WE PASSED! :D I was sure we'd have to take the exam again thanks to my next to none oral skills in Swedish yet I do understand when people around me use Swedish), some kind of a project class and Russian.
After school we went to do some small shopping and left to the apartments around 4.30pm. During the way back I started withdrawing to myself once again for various reasons and in the end it all came out so that we kinda had a disagreement and I just wanted to get to my own flat and lock up in my room for the rest of the day to relax and be on my own.

Luckily the plan disappeared immediately after I got home - THE PACKAGE FROM JANETSTORE ARRIVED!!

Omnomnom! It's like Christmas all over again :D (See how I love Union Jack? :D)

The package made me forget everything bad, I called him and apologized and everything's fine again. The janitor came to our apartment to check on our bathroom and kitchen (lots of problems with the plumbing and so on) and apparently he'll be coming again tomorrow.. I don't mind it since I bet I won't be home before 6pm anyways.

But I'll get back to my Russian assignment and start studying for tomorrow's exam :)


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