Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just. My. Luck.

 Woke up around 9.30am after sleeping almost 8 hours (started and finished a letter to an old penpal from Austria and went to bed around 2am - can't get to bed any earlier D:). I was thinking 'bout skipping school as in the end me and D weren't able to have the tandem meeting today (he had another meeting in Helsinki). I had breakfast, drank some ice tea (green ice tea is heavenly<3), wrote a postcard to a postcard pal I haven't heard in a while and in the end chose to go to school.
I walked to school in 45minutes (left from home around 11am) since I TOTALLY forgot that my current shoes cause me blisters... D:

When I made it to school 11.45am I returned a Finnish paper and went to the ICT class to wait for the class to start and print a couple of texts. A bit before the class started I saw J trying to be the representative of the class and talking with our teacher. (I just don't like J. He's a creep.)
Unfortunately the teacher really did listen to him and he notified us that there will be 2 groups (the class will be put in half) and of course me and S will be in different groups. This makes changes to my schedule so that I have school on Thursdays from 8.15am to 9.45am (seriously!! D:) and since our another teacher wanted to have another contact lesson with us I have school on Friday from 8.15am (SERIOUSLY! Who can make it to school that early on FRIDAY? D:) to 1.30pm.. D: I don't like it at all.. .__. And in the end we didn't have a proper class today as most of the students were away (in project trips (Stockholm and St. Petersburg) like I was last week). So my trip to school was in vain D:
I left from the class around 12.30pm and made my way to the Lidl located near our school. I wanted something cheap to eat (I start to eat a lot when I'm angry or frustrated.. D:) and after that took a bus home.

 Now I'm laying on the floor and writing this blog post and working on a couple of letters :)
I got a letter from Ai-chan today and it REALLY made my day :)
I also got some ideas during the walk to school and I'll be writing about those first to my pals and maybe after that to my blog :)


ps. Happy Birthday Aya-chan! :)
pps. After getting the first Mondo travel magazine I ordered I REALLY want to travel!!


  1. I totally understand the feeling of having to go to school THAT early! I have classes 5 days in a week, and my first class starts at 8 am 3 out of 5 days! Usually, I have to wake up at about 6 am just to catch a 6.45 am bus. It's rather frustrating not having enough sleep and the worst thing is on Wednesday, I've to be in school for 11 hours. Oh my, how I wished I'm dead... Good luck apl. ;)

    1. My classes start at 8 3 or 4 out of 5 days and I don't like it at all D: I don't sleep that well so I usually end up sleeping until 6.45am. dress up, grab something and pretty much run out of house because I want to sleep for as long as I can.. If I wouldn't pack my bag the night before I'd need to wake up around 6am as well :(
      11 hours? And I was complaining on 10 hours D: