Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"I wanna be cute"

Back to school after having 10 days off and going to Tallinn as a project trip during the intensive week (when we didn't have any classes :)) was a bit tiring.. School started 8.30am and I was almost late as I missed the bus I wanted to take with S (he has his luggage with him .__.) but luckily the class started a bit later than it should have :) The class lasted for about 30minutes (only had a presentation to listen to), the next class started at 10am (so one hour of nothing to do - waking up in my case since I slept 4,5 hours

- NOT a good idea to drink an energy drink around 12am just to stay awake and finish the law assignment that was due this Thursday (returned it 2,3 days earlier \(^__^)/)) and I'm not really doing anything.. :) I was listening a bit but as my attention span isn't that long when I'm tired I was trying my best to keep myself awake. After the class ended around 11.30am (me being really stressed out because I had to write about my future and to be honest I'm SCARED of future.......) I had 4 skip hours (Russian classes changed places and the class starts around 3.30pm every Tuesday.........).

4 hours of free time to do whatever I want to every Tuesday and this time we went to a restaurant to eat and "celebrate" a bit (I've been kinda threatening S to start a liquid diet, because of my money situation until next Wednesday and because I've gained some weight and I have a slight obesophobia (the fear of gaining weight)) and talking before he leaves to Helsinki tonight and to Miami tomorrow morning. I've already remembered to list things I want to get from the States (TEA!!!!!!!!!) and tried my best to make him feel bad for leaving me to Finland for week and a half (even though I have lots of things to do while he's not disturbing distracting me :)). I want him to have fun but I don't like that he'd going to Miami where it's nearly +30°C (+86°F) while in Finland it's only (MAX.) +6°C (+42F). I don't like it at all.Where's the spring I'm waiting for?!?!?

Tonight I'll be going home (my apartment has started to feel more like home even though the area ain't that good or safe) around 7pm and I have nothing I HAVE to do. I think I will open a bottle of green ice tea I have and drink it by myself, try to plan or/and start/write a letter or two :)
I even went through some of my letter supplies yesterday night when I was over energetic (all thanks to being stupid) and had to do something or else I would've felt stressed and probably had a panic attack for not having anything to do. (Seriously, today I finally realized how messed up and neurotic I really am! AND how easily I get offended and angry.... "You're two years cuter that way." "So you mean that I just get uglier/uncuter the older I get?!?!?!?") Today I got a new box to put my letters/letter supplies to so I'm going to go trough those once again, cut some pictures and stickers out of some sheets I've had for over a year now (been too lazy busy to do that earlier) and I can put the loose letter sheets to one exact place instead of having those all around my writing table and in my closet (I don't have that many clothes so I can store my letter supplies in my closet.. Dunno whether that's a good or a bad thing..) :)


ps. I feel like I don't have enough tea with me.. I need MORE! ;;__;; How am I supposed to survive until next Wednesday with only 5 boxes of tea when I'm able to drink 1 box a day.. :(

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