Saturday, March 31, 2012

"I hate being bipolar, It's awesome!"

After Doctor Who, Roswell could be the best series I've seen :) It's not that exciting or scary but the relationship twists make me smile and laugh while I'm currently a bit down for various reasons. And I can see myself in Liz (the way she feels about Max) AND Maria (just the way she is)..
And during the last 2 nights I've seen dreams of aliens and Roswell (for once I'm dreaming of something I seriously like!), especially Brendan Fehr/Michael<3 (1st season: 11/22 episodes watched)

After Thursday I haven't really had the will or energy to write. I have one assignment due on Tuesday and I have NO idea what I'm supposed to do about it but at the moment I don't even really care.. I don't want to do anything at the moment.. I have letters lying on my floor, I have one almost finished letter next to me but I just don't have the energy to continue writing it.. I just want to talk to someone or just have something to do/watch to forget everything for a couple of minutes..

I haven't been feeling that well (I've been angry and tired for a while now) and what bothers me the most are my current mood swings. Most of my mood swings are internal so people don't USUALLY see those but during this week my mood swings have been a lot worse than those have been in a long time.. :( I feel like crap and the only thing that has kept me company and cheered me up (apart from the fact that I realized I've lost some weight again<3) is my cat. While I was trying to write a letter on the sofa he jumped on top of the letter and came to my lap. During the night he came right next to me and started purring. I seriously love him!
Due to my mood swings I've been quite happy that I'm pretty much all alone this weekend..

My anger/irritation will probably be shown in the upcoming mail/snail mail post.. I'm a bit harsh on people when I'm angry (but if it makes people feel any better I'm even more harsh on myself 24/7 and I'm not normally such a b*tch.. At least I hope I'm not..) but I forgive and forget things quite easily and fast..
The things I have written and will write are my first reactions to some of the letters I've received lately (and in the past) and a normal rant about snail mail nowadays :)
I hope it will be a LOOOO~NG one :)

I need to start packing things up again because my "room" will be renovated (not in my apartment but the room where I used to live 2006-2010) and I need to empty my closet and move the boxes where I keep the letters I've received (and replied to) 2000-2012 :)


"Welcome to my life"

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  1. Yet again, great pictures for the post.
    It's hard seeing you feeling like that, but it's nothing I could help with so it's even more hard. But I know you're a nice person and even if you rant about something, I wouldn't get offended,