Monday, March 5, 2012



Met S's BFF M on Saturday and it went better than I expected. I was panicking and cleaning up like mad and they came without warning me (it was better that way as S knows I start to panic and stress way too easily - though I was expecting a phone call but NO.).
At first it was a bit awkward as I sat right next to his BFF - girl (if I haven't said it way too many times already) and we were both a bit anxious what the other one thinks of this..
At one point the awkwardness just disappeared - S went to the kitchen and we two started talking. When he came back both of us were laughing and looked at him.
He didn't thought that me and M would get along so well.

On Sunday S met Kimmy at my place. I had pleaded both of them to act properly - no bitching or anything (S can be mean if he wants to and Kim might take some things way too personally). In the end it went perfectly. They got along and we had our "Red Riding Hood" photoshoot where S was helping out (he's way too good for me!)

After the photoshoot (and me freezing while he tried to keep my fingers warm) we went to get something to eat from Subway and then came back to my apartment. We ate, had a talk and by 4pm me and S had gone to his place (M gave us a ride). We were talking, went out to get my stuff when my parents drove by the area where he currently lives and waited for M to come (she was the first reason we decided to go over his place). During the wait we realized that I had a slight fever. I got some aspirin for that and it helped a bit.
When M came we talked until she went to check on S's flatmate and spent ~1 hour talking with him and was probably almost ready to take him to the hospital (he was really sick). During that time we had the time to talk and I almost fell asleep next to him.
I left with M around 10.30pm and fell asleep about one hour after that. I was sick but extremely happy.

This morning I woke up and felt just fine but during the school day I just got sicker and sicker.
S made me promise to stay at home and get better..

But before I went home we went to a local sushi restaurant/ice cream bar and ate there (I managed to make him eat raw fish! I'm SO proud of myself ;)). We had fun even though I was sick..

Can't wait to see what happens in Tallinn if we have the time to walk around and go and eat in a café or a restaurant ;)


ps. I just made 30€ order of stationery (my bank account won't like it. AND I was supposed to get a new bag or another pair of shoes this month ;;__;;)

pps. I want to see Tangled once again.

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