Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"You're still so adorable!!"


All of my school friends know that I'm stressed out most of the time. Today we had a short presentation of different type of people we might need to meet during our projects and our lives. L got "stressed" and she laughed and told me that while she was reading the text she could perfectly fit me to that. I personally got texts of "show-offs" and "bullies" (I think - and hope - the teacher tried to make us keep a presentation about types which don't fit in ourselves). I was the 4th one to keep the presentation - all thanks to S who sat next to me and was the 3rd one. After S's presentations the teacher asked whom S would like to see in the front. It didn't take S that long to open his mouth and smile "Lily has bullies and I'd like to hear about those". I knew from the beginning that he was going to pick me or one of the guys next to us but no. I just smiled and kept the presentation even though I hate standing in front of the class and I'm quite shy.

After my presentation I named T to go in front of the class.. After the class T was laughing and wondering what kind of a revenge that was. "That's what you get for calling me adorable" I pretty much laughed. She swore to do the same for me but in the end she just had to add "Nah, you're forgiven, after all you're still SO adorable!"
I still don't know where she gets her energy from! :)

The day on the other hand was quite okay, woke up after 8am, took my time getting up and dressing up before taking the 9.40am bus to school. We had a meeting from 10am to 11.20am (mostly just chatting and so on~) and I was really happy that S is now part of our group.
Maybe S is the reason why I'm a lot more relaxed and cheerful most of the time?
Went to the cafeteria with him and we sat in the same table once again talking about everything. I really remember why I hanged out with guys when I was younger - they are (usually) a lot more laid back and don't start spreading rumors. We even talked about some illnesses and surgeries we've had (or should have had).

From 12pm to 1.30pm we had the presentation class but before it started me and S sat next to each other and chatted with a couple of other girls about two songs - Frontside Ollie and Kuuden Vuoden Kuuliaisuus. To be honest I've grown to like the first song and it seems like I'm not the only one :D There was another girl in our class who told us that she listens to it all the time (and we're over 20.). The latter one I hadn't even heard before now.. (the same producers)
And my reaction to the latter one was:

WHAT THE HECK?? Were people SERIOUS when they made that? It's not even a song, just some political crap.. D: If that's what people are going to play now that Niinistö was elected as the President I'll become one of the Haavisto fanatics.

After the class I went to L's place and we made the Russian presentation we're going to keep tomorrow.. :)
Tonight I'm planning to work on my Law assignment if possible and after that go to bed (I don't feel like staying up late since tomorrow I need to spend 10 hours at school and I'm not in the same tourism group with HIM.. :(
We'll see how tomorrow goes.. Only about 48 hours and I'm in Lappeenranta with girls! :)


Nuori ja Kaunis (Olavi Uusivirta feat Anna Järvinen)

Samuli Edelmann(the Finnish guy in the Mission Impossible 4) feat. Jippu - Jos Sä Tahdot Niin

ps. I want a tattoo with the word "Happiness" in some other language than Swedish, Finnish or English.

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