Monday, February 6, 2012

"You're so adorable!!"

Apparently my "big sister" (my crush and a friend think me and T are like sisters) thinks I'm adorable and cute and so on.. I had a really stressful morning and after some meetings and deciding deadlines I went to our classroom with S and sat next to him while we continued talking.. T was walking to the class (1 of the 4 walls is made of glass in every classroom so we can see to the corridor from the classes) and I waved at her. She came to me and kept asking why I smiled so widely and as I had no idea what she meant she just kept telling me how adorable I'm at times while S was just shaking his head, not getting us girls :)

So, I was away from school on Thursday and Friday and I was mainly sleeping and relaxing (I stress really easily - one reason why I was chosen as a team leader for our school trip to Tallinn - and stress usually causes me to sleep only a couple of hours a night and that causes me to go down with cold faster than you can imagine............ THAT'S why I'm sick most of the time..). On Saturday it was -20C (-4F) but still I went to Kimmy's place as she wanted me to be her model once again. I was at her place a bit after 10am and we had to reschedule the whole photoshoot because we didn't get the help we thought we would've gotten.
But the new style/theme was soon decided and we left around 12.30pm from her place and returned about 2 hours later (~2.45pm).
I think we got LOTS of awesome photos but our dear photographer has only edited and gone through a couple of those. I love all of the photos she decided to retouch even though I had this wide smile in almost all of those (had to hide the pain somehow - couldn't feel my toes or fingers!) Here are the photos I've received so far:

me as the model
Photos © Kimmy
(retouch, make-up and styling by her as well)
Wig belongs to me, everything else to Kimmy
Location: Maari/Linnamäki, Porvoo, Finland

Here's the smile I was talking about :)

I liked how these turned out and I've heard lots of positive feedback to both me and Kimmy :)

On Sunday it was even colder, -30C (-22F) and I went to A's place to meet with her and H and we talked about our assignment (our group was too small but we got L and S to join it today ;)) after a while A said that she wanted to go ice skating as she hasn't done that before this year (or so I understood) and it ended up me and H trying to help her while showing her how you can skate after you've learned the basics.. :)
After skating we went in and ate and I had to leave for my Russian/Finnish class (I get 3 extra credits by having 16 times 1,5h long lessons with another student and we teach each other our native languages..).

When I got to his apartment I rang the doorbell and his Vietnamese roommate opened the door and let me in. I waited D for nearly 15 minutes while he was taking a shower. SERIOUSLY! Do guys take as long showers as girls do?? :D I never knew :DD
But after we started we went on for 4 hours laughing, talking about history (wars between Soviet Union and Finland) and trying to teach each other how to properly pronounce some letters or words (I'll never learn to speak Russian.. He almost gave up after trying to teach me to pronounce number 7 AND 9 for more than 5 minutes :DD)

Today I went to school early and after a lecture I went to the cafeteria with HIM (S :3) and we ended up sitting around the same table and talking about our project and everything else (I already consider him at least a great buddy if not a friend :)) after that we had one hour long meeting with Tallinn group (it's so great to work with him!) and we managed to come to a conclusion on the deadline and other problems we had.
After that me and S left the room at the same time while talking about assignments and such (I got a 5 (max points) from a law assignment and we were talking about how it was even possible since I personally think that I mostly wrote whatever came to my mind.. :/), we went to the classroom and sat next to each others and talked a bit during the class :)

And tomorrow morning I'll be having a meeting with A, S, L and H :3 Hope everything goes well.. And after 2pm I'm working on a Russian presentation with a classmate of mine :3
Hopefully I won't die before Thursday because I'll be skipping Friday and leave to Lappeenranta on Thursday. I'll be meeting my lovely friends after a while.. Next time was in October if I remember right? :D So 4 months after our last meeting and it will be a BLAST, I just know it! :)


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