Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something happened..


Who would've thought that a girl who hardly uses make up during school days would get a boy interested in her just by being herself and showing she's not afraid of being what she is. Girls in my class don't usually talk to me unless I'm with T or L (they are mostly adored by everyone) and I just don't give a damn.
The only thing I was afraid of was bringing up my feelings and I was afraid for no reason. He has liked me at least as long as I've liked him.

I was too excited to sleep last night. I was awake when the mail man brought today's newspaper and I started reading it. In the end I managed to fall asleep around 6am just to wake up less than 4 hours after that..
I just felt so good last night. My week had been a terrible one, I gave it a shot to make this week and month one of the worst in ages but it went a lot better than I had even imagined.
I asked help from two of my penpals before I confessed and thanks to them I did it. I needed a small push.

There have been texts back and forth since then and I couldn't be happier (yet stressed thanks to school. Seriously. 2 guys have told me to relax during today. JUST today. And I've been told that I'm a perfectionist and WAY too stressed.. And D won't stop calling me a scaredy cat.........)

Anyways. It has been a great day, had lots of butterflies in my stomach and back to school tomorrow~

Good night~


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