Friday, February 3, 2012


2nd day at home and hopefully the last one.. (Photoshoot tomorrow and Russian class on Sunday!!! :S)
Yesterday I was cleaning the house (I couldn't sleep even though I had a terrible headache..). I just put on lots of clothes and started it.. It was quite nice since I haven't really cleaned in a while (no time to do that ^^')
And I started writing one long letter yesteday.. Made to the page 3 (side 6 almost finished) and I'm not even half way through.. (from a 10 page long letter I've only replied to the first 1,5 sides :S).. Going to continue that today and hopefully finish that quite early as I'd like to write a couple of shorter letters as well :)

I didn't write a lot this week.. Only 2 letters and 2 postcards (2 letters+1 postcard written on Monday, 1 postcard on Thursday..) and due to my current state I'm not posting anything today.. I posted 2 letters and a postcard on Tuesday so I'm still sticking on to the "mail letters and postcards out 1-2 times a week" :)

Last week I got a poster calendar and I decided to write down my penpals' birthdays and after reading penpals, postcards and swaps' newest blog post I decided to write down to the calendar the mail I get :) That way I can keep on track how much mail I get a week/month :)

So here's what I got this week: (- a postcard I didn't remember to take a photo of..)

Wednesday Feb. 1st:

Letter from Germany, envelope full of postcards from Russia and a 2nd postcard from R/USA this week (1st was a Mississippi one :3)

Thursday February 2nd:

Letters from Germany and Finland (+a package that's still in the post office :()

Friday February 3rd:

Christmas card from Russia

And what I sent forward this week + a sneak peek of a package I'm sending on Monday:
(it's gonna be expensive :S)

Letter to A/Egypt

the stamp of a letter I sent to P/Spain (already received)

A postcard I sent to a pal (her birthday is SOON :))

And to the package: to Aya-chan/Lithuania

On top of seeing the package you could also see some parts of my room :S

The next mail update probably on Sunday/Monday as I won't be at home next Friday :)



  1. I'm sorry that it's going to be expensive for you. I hope to make it up to you one day :3 wow, a red package ^^
    also, I started the same-about writing down mail got, sent in my year planner-calendar when I saw a envelope in every day's page.

  2. It's max 10,35€ (HOPEFULLY NOT!) so we'll see how it goes.. :) It's either a bit under 500g (6,50€) or a bit over it when it goes to the 10,35€.. I'll be worrying about it (and praying it doesn't weight over 500g!) on Monday morning :) But no need for you to worry about it :)
    That's great! :D I want to see if there will be a week when I get some mail everyday and this way I'll be able to see when I got the most mail during this year :)