Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mail (week 6) + other things~

I was pretty surprised to notice that I got some mail each day last week. I bet this week will be a LOT quieter as I don't have the time to write anything until I've finished my assignments and I've been thinking 'bout sending all of the letters I haven't replied yet on February 29th - just because of the day :D The next 29th will be in 4 years so why shouldn't I post lots of letters that day? :3

But anyhow~
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I already opened my chocolate bar and started eating just for the fun of it. And on top of that I guess he was reading my blog so I'd really love to crawl under my bed and stay there for the next week........
I had a short spontaneous photoshoot with Kimmy yesterday and I got a couple of nice photos (the top was only a "scarf" so in a way I was half naked but thanks to my bra I didn't feel naked)

me as the model
Photos © Kimmy
(retouch, make-up and styling by her as well)

Here's the mail I sent out last week:

Package to Aya-chan/Lithuania and a postcard to R/USA

The mail I received Mon-Fri:

Monday's letter came from South Korea

Tuesday: Photos I ordered and postcards from China

Wednesday was a bit better mail day :) Postcard from Taiwan, letter from Finland and 2 letters from Germany

Thursday's and Friday's mail - letter from Finland (got that book with it :3) and 3 letters (from USA, Poland and Taiwan)

Yesterday I received one letter but I think I'll post the picture of it on Friday :)

Take care and have a great mail week~



  1. Great pics, one is really like Lady Gaga ;D
    Love the postcard and beautiful stamps <3 haha, previous week I got nothing only Tuesday :(
    And what kind of book that is? Looks fancy :D

  2. Thank you :D surprisingly we didn't take that many photos this time but those ended up being quite good though I hated the fact that I felt like a bad Lady Gaga imposter xD
    Bet you will get a lot more this week! I bet I won't be receiving anything before March as I won't be sending anything.. :3
    A Russian classic :) Nikolai Gogol's Taras Bulba :)