Sunday, February 12, 2012


The long weekend in Lappeenranta was great. I was able to relax and stop thinking about school work for 4 days!

On Thursday I reached Lappeenranta around 5.30pm and waited for Chuck (sorry luv) for a while and E-P came about an hour later. We went to Chuck's place and met her lovely dog Malik (I'm shit scared whenever I meet a new dog) and 2 cats Miska and Sani :3
We spent the evening updating one another, exchanging Christmas presents (and birthday gifts) and drinking tea.

Tangled/Rapunzel calendar I asked Chuck to get me (she got a Moomin mug from me :))

Tardis t-shirt from E-P! I LOVE it!!
She got tea and Doctor Who calendar from me :)

On Friday Chuck went to work and me and E-P went shopping during that time. I bought new shoes (12,45€), some letter paper and envelopes (9,80€) and we went to the coffee house and I personally spent there a bit over 9€..

my new babies :3 from DinSko

one of the two letterpapers I bought from Suomalainen kirjakauppa

After we did some shopping we went and waited for Chuck to get off from work and we took off to her place to watch tv and eat a LOT. On Friday we saw "Third Star" (Benedict Cumberbatch) and "Bunraku" (Gackt - never knew his English is that good).

On Saturday we watched a movie I decided, "The Other Boleyn Girl" (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IN THIS ONE AS WELL!!!!)

and after that "The King's Speech".
A lot happened and in the evening we were sitting and watching videos from youtube. When we started watching videos of David Tennant E-P said that Tennant smiles exactly like I do. I don't know about that but that's what she said

Another thing she said was: "You would have gorgeous babies together!! Just look at how much you resemble each other!!"

Today we woke up late, had breakfast and little by little we packed our things and left. I already miss my two Cumberladies :)

So this is how I spent my weekend (apart from worrying over him).

Anyone else how already has some chocolate ready to eat all alone on Valentine's day? This is exactly why I prefer the Finnish version of the day better ("Ystävänpäivä" = "Friend's day") it's not about lovers but friends and friendships/relationships! But still.. I've bought gifts for myself so I don't feel all alone although I'll be spending the evening with Maths and a project...........



  1. First video is about me xD gingers >.>
    But your friend comments were quite right, I think ^^
    Nice shopping you did. I don't wear high heels and yours seem so high so I admire that you can walk in them o.o and dude, those envelopes are way too cute!

  2. Are gingers discriminated then? ;D
    Oh, thank you :) I really hope so..
    My current heels aren't nearly as high as those are but I'm willing to accept the challenge and walk with those as soon as the snow melts away :D Unfortunately my left ankle has been acting up lately so I need to leave my high heels home for a while :(
    I KNOW! I just had to buy that paper set! :D I can't wait to use those! :D