Thursday, February 2, 2012


Now that I'm staying at home (not feeling well) I have the time to relax a bit (managed to finish most of the assignments, only some Russian and project related work is waiting for me but the deadlines are Monday and Tuesday..

Yesterday was a disaster in my case.. Just another "what can go wrong WILL go wrong"-day.. The morning started okay but as the day went by I realized that S and H have totally kicked me out and they prefer spending time with others.
I'm helping others (they bother me until I do) but when it comes to me I won't get any help.. I hate this....

I'm sticking with T, L and the guys from our class and I even started a tandem course (I'm teaching Finnish and learning Russian) with a Russian guy from our class.. (This was his idea!)..

The only good things about yesterday were the facts that I got some mail (got some mail today as well :3 - post on Friday) and L came over a bit later to bring me some white tea and I was able to rage about everything to her..
She's quitting this school after this year because our class is....... terrible. That's all I can say.. There are these clicks and the girls who are part of these never talk to "the ones like me". Why can't people grow up already? We're in university not in high school!

And after a while I talked with my really old crush.. I have already grown over him but then came the words:

"I want to say something"

And I just knew it was either about him being gay or having feelings for me.. It was the latter.......

"First, let me tell you that you are one of the most important people I have met, you cared about me, you listened to me and understood my feelings and we talked about our problems.
I feel so bad that we lost the contact we had, it was something amazing and it was something so exciting to meet somebody who had most of my interests and thoughts.."

So now I'm screwed. He really likes me while I have mixed feelings since I like someone else and I have no idea how he feels towards me.....
Why do the guys I like get interested in me after I'm over them?

I think I need to go back to bed and continue writing letters..



ps. Anyone willing to come over, take a "you've received a package that didn't fit to your post box"-paper, go to the local post office to pick it up and return it to me? D:

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  1. I would be glad to fetch that package of yours, but! My car ain't working so I have to walk to go somewhere and I don't think I want to walk over to your place and from there to home :S No, bus is not an opinion, because no busses goes to my direction + it's way too expensive :'D
    But don't worry about Saturday, if my cars not working I'll try to get my grandma's car :)