Thursday, February 23, 2012


I promised to post about Chuck's cats since I fell in love with her lovely fluffy cat Miska. :)
So here are some photos of her cats Miska and Sani and a couple of pics of my cutesy half blind slaughterer Nasse :)

Sani! :D

Miska x3 Isn't she the cutest?? >3<

Miska and Chuck's dog (I'm afraid of dogs D:)
Whenever he can find some kind of a bag..

as you can see his other eye is blind :(

Need to continue letter writing and hope that I will get a job for the summer :)



  1. Oi! My fat pets, I love them so<3

    I miss Nassukka<3

    1. Yup<3 Your adorable fluffy pets ;DD Miss them SO much. Wish I would've taken Miska with me. She would've become even fatter with me ;)