Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had a great day on Friday though it didn't feel like one when I woke up.. I had slept 6 hours during the night (1am-7am - damn you school work.) and I had to wake up early to pack my stuff and clean the house since I was leaving to my dad's place for this week (winter vacation! \(^__^)/). So I ran around the apartment getting everything together and left around 8.15am for the bus. Apparently I dropped one of my gloves while I was taking the trash out but luckily I found it and I was at school a bit before 9am when my Tallinn group was supposed to have a meeting - one of the Estonian girls had already left to Estonia and the Russian girl was in a dentist (the Russian girl's reason I understand but not the Estonian girl's! We had scheduled this meeting ages ago but still she left!). I was the first one there, then came S, the #2 Estonian girl and D (a Russian guy with whom I have extra language (Russian) lessons). The Swedish students (3) who were supposed to help us were over 30mins late but in the end everything went well and 90% of the first draft of our plan is ready.

From 10am forward I had a meeting with another group - another project/assignment. Me and S were there already (he joined our group when I told him about the assignment a while ago - he hadn't heard about it - and asked him to join us. Back then we only had 3 people while the teacher said there should be 4-5 students. So S was our 4th and after him came L. :)) In the end H was late as always - though she had been at school since 8.15, A missed her bus so she was a bit late (NOT like her at all!) and L came LATE. (now the plan is 90% ready - the only things missing are L's parts.)

We had a chat about the project and S was kinda complaining to A and H that their parts were 12-15 pages long while the WHOLE assignment should be max. 10 pages. (he's the one putting everything together.. Just this morning I got a message from him saying that my parts were "quite exquisite" - at the moment the assignment is 20 pages long thanks to A and H......) We talked about everything else (for example the inheritable diseases we have) after a short meeting and went to the cafeteria around 11am.

Surprisingly me, S, A and H sat around the same table (usually H joins her other friends and at times S sits with other guys) and talked a bit. S was still a bit under medication (had a small surgery on Valentine's day - I feel like a stalker since I know about these but he's the one who has told me everything). We talked about the Finnish prom and everything that has to do with high school. A was asking about Finnish high school and in the end we started talking about the graduation cruise. And I (of course) had to point out that I was molested/groped by my friend during the cruise. S almost choked in his water and looked at me for a while before opening his mouth.
S: "Did you know you're amazing?"
Me: (a bit confused)"..............yeah..?"
S: "To bring up in a normal conversation that your friend groped you during the cruise! That's awesome!"

And he was serious. He thinks I'm amazing while A and H were just staring at me unable to say a thing. (Note to self: need to thank my dad and brother since I became like this by hanging out with them a little too much during my childhood and teen years). I was proud of myself.. Kinda.. I can look girly and act a bit girly but thanks to the fact that I spent most of my childhood with male friends I'm still the tomboy I used to be.

After lunch we went to our first lesson of the day (seriously, we came to school at 9am while the school started at 12pm!!) and since my female friends decided to go to powder their noses etc. I went ahead with S. We had a laugh, I made him listen to Frontside Ollie (he hates it but I had to confess to him that the song is my guilty pleasure - seriously.) and THIS ;) (You're welcome ;))
And there we were - just the two of us laughing at the silly lyrics and having fun until the class started. During the class neither of us was listening to the teacher (I never listen to them :S)

I was talking to him while uploading some of my newest photoshoot pictures to my facebook account. Then the chat just died and I started browsing internet and then I heard something right next to me:

I immediately looked at him, he was looking at one of my newest photoshoot pics and then at me.
"I can tell it's you only because I know it but otherwise.. That's just awesome. I'm still under the meds so I blame them for being this straightforward but, you're adorable"
I was just looking at him thinking he must be crazy or something and everything I managed to get out of my mouth was:
"Are you serious?" (with a tone of "You're just messing with me")
He looked at me, straight to my eyes (I usually avoid eye contact no matter who I hang out with - I just feel a bit too exposed when I look into someone's eyes. (Even D has noticed it and we even had a talk about it).
"I'm serious"
I was looking back at him (love his eyes) and smiled a bit. I felt happy and uncomfortable at the same time as I didn't know how to react. I seriously thought I was blushing while I smiled and managed to mumble "Thanks" while looking back at my computer.
I swear I would have been jumping up and down if I wasn't this good with controlling my emotions. But I did have giggling fits throughout the day from that moment forward and most of the time he was just looking at me and shaking his head. (even J and P were looking at me and wondered what the heck was wrong with me as I've never before have had giggling fits in front of people).

After that painful class (for example Kimmy called and like I'd have my mobile turned off during the day so it started ringing and S was grinning at me "I bet it's not your mobile." and even my teacher was looking at me but she was surprisingly smiling) and the quickest assignment ever we (me, S and J) went to the cafeteria to buy some soda before our next class and we had a talk - can't remember the subject but still~). When we went to the classroom we were talking about the weirdest presents we've gotten. I brought up a cat bag Kimmy bought for me as a Christmas present in 2007 or 2008. J said that I should upload a photo before he went quiet and gave me a glare. "But we're not friends." and in this case he means facebook friends. To be honest I don't like J that much especially since when he's online he tries to get as much attention as possible - he has been in my friends but I deleted him from there because of some drastic changes in my life and I only let my closest friends to know about it.
Luckily S was sitting between us. He looked at me and J and smiled a bit. "I can sense some hostility around here". And it became quite quiet until I managed to open my mouth again and changed the topic. Then P came started talking about something with S and after a while all I could hear was (in Indian-Australian accent) "Did you ask me to pork it in??"
of course I burst out laughing as did S - and I didn't let it drop. What can I say, guys are hilarious. :D So the class was quite hilarious and we had fun.

When we were packing things up I was talking with P and S and giggling. P asked what was wrong with me and S started - referring to me "He was just-"
"SHE." I interrupted him.
S looked at me immediately and looked a bit shocked.
"Did I say he? I'm so sorry."
And our class' perfect student came there with a great big smile on her lips.
"What's happening?" (she's okay..)
S looked at her and told her he had just referred me as a he. So of course our princess put her hand on my back.
"Oh I'm so sorry Lily."
And as she left S packed the rest of the stuff and was shaking his head a bit.
"I don't know if it's the meds but I really am sorry this time."
I smiled and was happy that for once he had been sorry since you can't always read him. We went to the lobby together talking and walked out. I saw my bus coming, said bye to him and ran to the bus stop (I haven't ran that fast after I quit sports when I was 11-12). I managed to get into the bus and sent a text message to him. "I made it! Have a great winter holiday!" and I got a reply back almost immediately :)
BUT. A little after I sent him the message I realized I was in a wrong bus (JUST.MY.LUCK.) so I ended up walking almost 2kms more than I usually need to. But I was happy. I had a great day and a slight mistake wasn't enough to disappoint me.
I even got a letter to read during the bus trip to my dad's place :)
And since Friday I've been at my dad's place relaxing and trying so hard to learn Russian that I could update my relationship status to "married with Russian grammar book" :)

I really like S and I hope I get the courage to confess to him though some say that I should just stay as his friend while my other friends can't wait to meet him..... I hope I get the courage soon as I'd be on the top of the world if he'd say he feels the same..



  1. Wow, the whole post made me smile like an idiot! :----) He sounds like such a wonderful guy <3

    1. Then you can imagine how much I smiled on Friday even though I took the wrong bus :DD
      He's the greatest guy I've met in a LONG time :)