Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Still angry at guys. But what can you do..
In my case I always fell for the wrong guys and get hurt in one way or another..
Even though he kinda apologized..

I forgot to add some photos a bit earlier.. :)

I'm happy we finally got some snow as it's not that dark every night :)

Got enough tea? :) Here's all the tea I currently have.. I said that those would last about a year but I don't think so anymore.. Not enough tea for the next 5 months X__x

I was able to send 3 envelopes yesterday:
2 containing postcards and a letter. :)

Birthday card and a small surprise to Raven

A letter to M/Finland :)

I've been working on a couple of letters (1 in Finnish, 1 in English - yup I can concentrate on 2 letters if those are written in different languages) and apparently I have more free time than I imagined..

I went to school yesterday from 10am to 12.40pm.
Between 10 and 11am I only wrote one email and that was it, 11-12 I went to the cafeteria with S and H and we had a proper chat after a while..
I also got a surprise from S :3
Soap holder, mirror and a fridge magnet from Paris :)

After lunch we went to the classroom and we had nothing to do so we started chatting and at some point S and H realized that my birthday is during the summer and H immediately started to plan a gathering to Linnanmäki as S hasn't been there :) We talked about the roller coasters and had fun.. After the class we went to a café as S wasn't able to come to meet with us on Monday.. We walked around the town before she had to go to work and then me and H found our way back to the shoe shops. She went around while I sat down and planned not to move in a while. My feet were aching thanks to my new shoes......... :(

AND we heard that the next time when we have classes will be NEXT MONDAY D:
Le Fuuuuu~
And apparently most of my days will be 8.15am to 5.45pm and I have Russian 3 days a week for about 12 hours D: (Tuesday 2pm-5.45pm, Wednesday 8.15am-11.45am and on Thursday 8.15am-11.45am) and on top of Russian I have Finnish, English and apparently Swedish even though we were told that our next Swedish course would be when we're 2nd year students D: 4 languages.. I'm surely going to mix the languages.

Around 3pm I was waiting Kimmy to get off from work and we ended up going to her place to finish my Hikari costume.. The costume ended up being one of my favourite ones she has made but I CAN'T stand the wig D:
And after she pointed out last time my ass is too big and now my shoulders are weird too.. D: I'm seriously starting to think about the cosmetic surgeries D:

Without make up and someone dared to call me pretty D:

But as I was already a bit pissed at that point I didn't like being photographed..

Got home around 7pm and from that point forward my day got worse and worse. And the peak point of that was around 10pm.
The only thing I managed to finish was a mix tape for the weekend which includes both Kimmy's (party) and my (depressed/sad) kind of music..

We'll see what happens today as I'll be leaving to H's place and we're going to vote (Presidential election) near her place.. After that I'll probably come back home and bury myself under the blankets since it's rainy outside and I don't feel like seeing anyone else today.. :(



  1. I didn't say anything about your ass yesterday!!! :O
    I would remember if I had.. :/

  2. Eiku oho, tossahan lukee että viime kerralla xD Oon vähän väsy, eheh ^^'