Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend & other stuff.


Leaving in a couple of hours and I still haven't packed..
I know I'm lazy but I don't know what to pack and my closet is stupid for not having nice clothes in it :(

And on top of that my mailman hates me even though I should already have received my orders :( So no mail :(
Next week I'll probably be at my apartment only on Monday if I won't have any classes Tue-Fri as we've been informed (but you never know whether that applies to Russian classes or not.....) so I keep my fingers crossed that I get something next week. I've also noticed that I write much more during the weekends I'm at my dad's place.. When I'm at my apartment I just sleep all day.. :/
So if we won't be having school I'll be writing lots of letters next week :3

I will be working on a project on Thu and Sun but it's only ~12 hours and that's it :3

I can't wait this to be over :3

And tomorrow I'll be in Lahti cosplaying.. I bet people can't get me up tomorrow morning as I don't like waiking up before 10am BUT the convention starts at 10am and we need to be there around that time to get the "ticket" to S..... So we need to leave around 9.30am X__x
ME NO WANT!!!!! ;;__;;

Have a great weekend everyone :)


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