Monday, January 2, 2012

Sent mail :3

The letters I wrote yesterday (one was written a bit earlier and one was started in 2011 ;)) and were sent forward today..
I wasn't feeling so good but as I remembered promising a letter to everyone by January 6th (or 9th since post offices are closed Jan 6th :( ). So I finished a letter to my Finnish pal and continued with letters to South Korea and Japan :)

My cutie was sleeping while I wrote letters :)

Green envie: Michi/Israel
Purple envies: A/Japan and F/Finland
Blue Alice envies: E/South Korea and E/South Korea :)

K/Japan :)

And the last letters I wrote yesterday: to H/South Korea and R/USA :)

And I'll continue writing today :)
I hope I'll be able to mail the rest of the letters by January 10th latest (from that day forward I'll be quite busy with school ;;__;;)



  1. Waaaa~ those stickers are so cute! and the cat lloks cute sleeping like this. kawaii~
    I hope you can manage to reply until that day ;)

  2. He sleeps like that most of the time but this time he even let me take a picture without moving x3
    Thanks~ :D I bought most of the stickers I'm currently using from London :3
    And I really hope that as well :D I try to write as many letters a day as possible but now I'm tired after starting and finishing 2 letters today.. Maybe I need a short break and will continue then so that I won't break my promise :)