Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Layout :)

My blog has a new look for the new year :3
Kimmy was kind enough to promise me to do a new layout for my blog as one part of the Christmas present and this is how it turned out :)
I asked something London or letter related and I'm happy with this! :)


The original photo of the banner is from my and Kim's photoshoot from September when I took lots of letters with me and we took a couple of photos with those :)

And surprise surprise I'm currently working on some letters that I need to send.. I've divided those by country (as usually the letters from a certain country are the same length - at least with my pals) and I've already written most of the letters to Finland (the easiest language to me so of course I started with those), Japan (most of the letters I've received from there are short - and there were only 2) and South Korea.. After that I'll write a couple of first letters that never made it where they should have (for example Tunisia :)) and then I need to brace myself for the Lithuanian letters that will both probably take one day to write :))
Luckily there's still 8 days before school starts and the first week is an easy one :3

But then there's Desucon Frostbite, Travel fair and retake exams so.. :3 I will write the letters in these couple of days I have left!! :)



  1. I'm happy that you like it~ :)

  2. The layout is beautiful ^^
    haha~ Lithuanian snail mailers love long letters >3

  3. It is! :3
    I was so happy when I saw it for the first time :D And this time the blog really looks like me :3
    I know :D That's why it's sometimes hard to find time for those as I want to write the letters in one or two days so that I remember what I wrote :DD