Friday, January 27, 2012

More photos from Frostbite!

As some of my penpals already know I'm sending letters once or twice a week (on Monday and Friday) and I will start posting about the mail about once every week (probably on Fridays..) so there will be another post today about this weeks mail (sent and received) and the next one will be put up on Monday or next Friday (depending on whether I'll send the letters on Monday or not).

But here are more photos from Desucon Frostbite which was held almost 2 weeks ago (time flies!).

Hikari Konohana costume handmade by Kimmy
Full Moon/Mitsuki Koyama costume belongs to Ninnu
Photos and retouch by Kimmy
cheesepuffster as Izumi Rio


Full Moon and Izumi Rio 

Full Moon

On top of having a busy schedule with school (just started Russian all over again, Law classes started, we're starting a new project etc) I have slight problems with my health but it's nothing serious.. Hopefully the fact that I'll be able to sleep this weekend will help me regain my strength and not make me even sicker.. :(
At times I hate the winter and the fact that I get sick WAY too easily :(

Hopefully others aren't sick!


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