Monday, January 9, 2012

Me SO proud.


I FINALLY bought new winter shoes and my first proper shoes with a heel.
This is my first time deciding the shoes 100% by myself (no mom or anyone telling me which shoes I should buy) and my dad was kind enough to pay those for me :) 70€ and not in sale but he bought those :)

Of course I had to go out with those straight away and in the end I walked around 5-7 kms with those during the first day :3

Sorry for the crappy lighting once again :)

I went to H's place around 3.30pm, spent about one hour in there and then left to the downtown. We were waiting for S to show up in Subway (I hadn't eaten well so I wanted to get something from there) but when we called her around 6pm she was still working and had to cancel the whole meeting.. So me and H ended up walking around, went to get ice creams and made similar "New Year's resolutions". My official deadline is in February while her is in the summer but if we won't acquire what we promised to acquire by Dec 31st 2012 there will be a major punishment. :) And neither of us wants that to happen :) So fingers crossed that I won't screw things up and have to suffer the punishment. :)

But yeah :) It was so nice to meet her after a while and talk about our plans with schools and such.. Can't wait for tomorrow :)


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