Monday, January 30, 2012

Maybe You Should Pray For Me

This video sums it all up.

The day has been a GREAT one.
First of all I woke up at least 2 hours earlier than I would've needed to, I missed the first bus and I came late to class..
I got accepted to an okay group and I was elected as the group leader (thanks S!).
After lunch I tried to open my (school) laptop (the one I ALWAYS) but no. I was supposed to show some things from it but I couldn't, it took me about an hour to find an "ICT support" guy at school and after looking at my laptop for 5 mins he told me that my hard drive had blew up. I lost all of the photos since September 2011 AND most of my school work. AND it takes 2 weeks before he's ready with my laptop (thank GOD I don't have to pay for it!!!! Only because it's a study tool :3). In the end I did got a replacement for the next 2 weeks but it's not the same thing ;;__;;
And I missed the first bus back to home..............
And most of the people are just laughing at me when I tell them about my crappy day.. D:


This just ain't my day and I feel like going to bed right now. I'm not even touching the Swedish assignment today, I'm doing it tomorrow while trying to learn all of the Russian alphabets.. I've had enough.
Even though I did get my crush's phone number, we're closer AND work in the same group this day has been a terrible one and I don't want this to get worse..
I didn't even get any mail.. D:

I hope others are having a WAY better day!!


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