Wednesday, January 4, 2012

mailmailmail :)

It was so much fun to come back to my apartment in Porvoo just to check the mail and mess up my room :)
Both of my roommates have moved away but if I get new roommates when the new freshmen start in January 12th they will move in next Tuesday or Wednesday :3 I'm really looking forward to see whether I get new roomies or will I be able to run around the apartment naked :')

Sent mail January 4th




Maria/Finland (Merry Christmas dear! :))

And what I had received:

Postcrossing cards from Netherlands and Brazil, order from janetstore, letters from K/Finland and A/Taiwan, Christmas card from M/Japan. The lowest card means that I had received a package that didn't fit the mail box (photo order<3) and in those two envelopes were the mail sent to my dad's address: Christmas card from P/Taiwan, letter from B/Netherlands, postcard from Russia in Russian and without the sender's address :/ and a Christmas card from L/Italy :)

The order from janetstore<3 Letter pad and Alice in Wonderland letter set as well as Disney Princess stickers :))

Currently I'm working on a couple of letters, cleaning my room (it's so much fun to unpack your bags by throwing everything all around your room, isn't it? :)) and getting emotionally ready for tomorrow and the whole weekend which I'll be working with Kimmy on my Strawberry Panic! costume D:

And apparently my Sunday's costume has been postponed until Tampere Kuplii...... D: So I'll be a creepy English girl on Sunday.. :/


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