Sunday, January 29, 2012


I WAS supposed to post this on Friday afternoon after I would've gotten the photos on my laptop but right after arriving to my apartment I got a call, had to pack things up and I left. Until today I've been playing

Katawa Shoujo
(an emotional Visual Novel) and doing anything except school stuff or spend time online (which I'm doing right now~)

So here's what I've received during the last 2 weeks:
(sorry for the poor photos :( )

Week 3:

Letter from a male pal from Germany (you can see my address book~)

2 letters from USA (from MS and NJ)

4 letters from Finland~ (2 Moomin stamps :3)

Week 4:

Postcard from Australia :3

Letter and a cat postcard from Pear/Finland (MOOMIN STAMP :3)

Letter and a drawing from Luxembourg :) (THOSE stamps :3)

Letter from South Korea

From Germany (once again)

From Finland and Sri Lanka

And what was in the envelope which I got from Sri Lanka (Christmas presents and such :3)

And sent/to be sent letters:
Friday Jan. 27th:

Package to Luxembourg (replied REALLY fast due to a personal reason)

Postcard to Australia

3 letters to Germany and 1 to Finland

Monday Jan. 30th:

to South Korea (FINALLY managed to write this one!)

a small package to USA :)

And letters to Germany

We'll see whether I manage to write more letters tonight (probably not)

The stamps I currently have :3 Gotta love Finnish stamps at times :3

I'm still a bit behind with the letters so I doubt I'll get that many letters this week (most of the pals who I owe a letter are the ones who reply quite fast) and I'm busy with school assignments (didn't feel like working on those during the weekend ^^') so we'll see if I manage to reach "0 letters to reply" by February 29th 2012 which is my goal (also one of the reasons why I won't post letters the moment I've finished those - I don't want people to reply IMMEDIATELY but to take their time with it.. Penpalling is a hobby to me, I enjoy writing letters to my friends who live all around the globe and I like to wait for their letters and not get a letter back as soon as possible.. It causes me stress and that's not why I started snail mailing.. I relax while writing, I don't want to stress about it and if it bothers you that I take my time writing the letter and replying maybe I'm not the right pal for you. I send a reply to EVERY letter no matter how late it might be but I will still do it.

Sleep well and have a great week peeps~



  1. Jee toivottavasti tykkäsit kortista. :D
    Ja ja noi yhden postimerkit (noi jotka on suht keskellä, "muotipiirrokset") on ihania.. koskaan en vaan mistään oo saanu niitä :d
    [x]hieno selitys

  2. Kortti oli aivan ihana<3 Harmi vaa etten ehtiny viikonloppuna skannaamaan niitä :)
    Joo, ite oon saanu noita aiemmi vaa Lappeenrannan postista (ihme kyllä) ja täl kertaa ostin postin nettikaupasta, jossa on parempi tarjonta kui lähi postissa, vaikka asunki pääkaupungin lähellä :(