Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mail update (once again ;D)

I've been so proud of myself for being able to keep my promise and write the letters I promised to write before school starts :) I still have time until January 10th (though I'll be busy with cosplay costumes Jan 6th-8th and I will meet a classmate Jan 9th.. :)) But until then I'll be writing as much as I can everyday :)
Yesterday I wasn't that productive as I slept until noon but I managed to write 2 letters and I found some of my lost notebooks full of pen and paper RPGs I've written with Kimmy when we were in middle and high school :)

I spent my evening reading those and laughing by myself. I love RPGs :)

A letter to S/Luxembourg. I hope she likes the letter :3

A first letter to H/Tunisia.. The first letter I sent earlier got lost so this time I used 3 stamps and 4 "Priority" stickers (put those after this photo was taken) just to make sure that it would arrive where it should :)
If not I'll seriously attack the Finnish postal system!!

And I'm currently working on a letter for Tessa/Austria :) I really hope that she'll love it and not kill me for being late :S

After Tessa's letter I believe I'll continue to write letters until the pile has disappeared..
I'll also need to pack my things as I'm going to my apartment tomorrow.. I REALLY wish that I have received something after December 27th!! ^^



  1. Last picture seems most interesting :D what are those anime pics?^^

  2. There's Vampire Knight letterpaper (I bought lots of it from an ebay seller.. about 10 packs for 30 euros or something like that.. :D
    And then there's 2 handmade Trinity Blood envelopes as Tessa really loves that series. :3
    Usually when I write letters things are a lot more scattered than it was in that picture :DD

  3. Trinity Blood! Jos ite saisin kirjekuoria/jullareit siitä sarjasta en raaskis edes seinälle pistää.
    Lisäks toi yks kissakortti tos alimmaises kuvas on ihana. Oon kattellu noit vaikkka mistä mut vieläkään en raaski tilata XD

  4. I'm a huge fan of Vampire Knight! Are you too? LOL! After sticking 4 "Priority" stickers on the envelope, I'm pretty sure the mail will reach its destination safe and sound.


  5. I'm not THAT big of a fan of Vampire Knight but I like it.. :) And when I saw the letter papers in ebay I just HAD to buy those :3
    I really hope that it will reach its destination!!
    If not I'll start a war against the postal service! D: