Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6th '12

I managed to finish Strawberry Panic after about 5 years and I'm SO proud of myself :) I don't have to watch it ever again and I know how my character acts like (and I even LIKE her! :O)

Kimmy came over and we nearly finished the costume.. All I can remember was she saying how my ass is too big and how the character is the opposite of me..

Good to have an honest best friend who's not afraid to speak her mind.. On the other hand yesterday I was comparing us to elephants and whales so......... :)

We dyed the shirt yesterday and it ended up okay :)

And we cut the wig today.. I still think I look like a drag queen when I use a blond wig :(

What the wig looked like (before we did anything to it.. :))

After Kimmy left around 6pm I continued cleaning my room (which I started when Kimmy came over - just to look for the shorts that are currently missing :() and worked on a couple of envelopes.. Bought the papers December 1st but didn't have the time to work on those before now :)

I'm personally pleased with all 5 of those :)

I also finished a promised surprise to Pear :) Thank you for checking my blog now and then! :)

I have an expiring yoghurt in my fridge which I need to eat before it starts to live and I might continue writing one letter which I started last night :)

Take care,



  1. Tuskin oisin sun bestikses jos vaan oisin sellanen perseennuolija :D ja joo, tosi kiva toi elefantti ja valas juttu, heh heh. :'(

  2. I see you are prepared for cosplay! can't wait to see you in the costume ;p I read the manga and maybe I will watch anime one day, but that's a very few of shoujo-ai in there I think.
    and the envelopes are really adorable! You made them?

  3. I can't stand shoujo-ai at all and I've been wondering why the heck did I even start watching it years ago.. And to be honest the only reason I finished it this "quickly" is just to know more about my character..
    We'll see how I end up looking in the costume.. I think I'll post the first pictures Jan 14th or 15th because I'm not going anywhere without my laptop :)
    Yup, I made all of those 5 envelopes :)

  4. kauniita kuoria
    ;;__; en malta odottaa, kiitos vielä itsellesi <3