Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tea Cozy

I'm done voting, let's hope Finland will get its next President with only one election.. (We will have a 2nd election if no one gets more than 50% of the votes. In the 2nd election there are only 2 candidates - the ones who got the most votes)

Before that I received a letter from F/Finland, again a lovely letter with 13 two sided papers (Alice in Wonderland paper and Moomin envelope. And lovely stamps :3)

And I got a notice that I had received a package (AGAIN.) I was sure that those would have been the knee socks I bought but NO! To my surprise it was a package from Canada. From Nora! I didn't even notice my old classmate who was working at the post, I just dashed out to the bus stop and opened the package to find a lovely letter and the CUTEST tea cozy I've EVER seen! :3

I wasn't expecting a letter from her even though she said that she sent a package after Christmas :)

I only sent 4 postcrossing cards today. :( But I'm continuing letter writing as I don't need to step outside before Friday afternoon and I don't feel that well (I'm cold and I have this feeling like I'm going to be sick soon ;;__;;). But anyways. It feels like I'm already drinking my 10th cup of tea since 2pm and it's only a bit over 4pm :S

I'm going to write my letters and probably sleep for a while as I won't take an aspirin this time.


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