Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Desucon Frostbite January 14th-15th '12

I attended Desucon frostbite almost 2 weeks ago and it was super fun! (well, excluding the fights and me crying my eyes out in the toilet..........) Anyways~

I decided not to post anything about it before now because I've been dealing with an online stalker who didn't want to leave me alone.. Now things have (apparently) settled down and I feel a bit better and I believe it's okay to post the pictures from the convention now.. :)

On Saturday (which was the messier day) I cosplayed as Hikari Konohana from Strawberry Panic! I was talked over to join this group and I did. There were supposed to be 12 of us but in the end 5 decided to skip the group (note to self: NEVER join a cosplay group with strangers because they quit a couple of days before the convention.) I didn't meet as many of my friends as I would've liked but I got another Whovian and Sherlocked to hang out with me and we decided my Sunday's costume less than 24 hours before the next convention day :)
We were also extremely hyper and fangirly when we saw Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (the BBC drama - GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!! SERIOUSLY: IT _WILL_ BREAK YOUR HEART!!!!!!!! BUT IT'S _SO_ WORTH IT. BENEDICT IS SO DREAMY.) cosplayers :3

Hikari (me) and Tsubomi (HachiKo) from Spica (Amane and Yaya decided not to come to the convention...) More photos of SP! group can be found from Kimmy's blog: Alice In Passionland
Hikari's costume, photos and retouch © Kimmy

On Sunday I cosplayed Full Moon from Full Moon Wo Sagashite (by Arina Tanemura.) Full Moon was one of my favourite mangas and animes when I was 14-16 years old so being able to wear Ninnu's costume was nice :)

Full Moon, Audition version (me, costume from ep. 1) and Izumi Rio (cheesepuffster, my fellow Whovian and Sherlocked. Bow ties are cool + I don't have friends. I only have one :3)

Photos and Retouch © Kimmy
Full Moon/Mitsuki Koyama costume belongs to Ninnu

And yes, it's the same wig I used on Saturday.
And as Kimmy said me and cheesepuffster were goofing off quite a lot during Full Moon shoot (I did that on Saturday as well) so at times it was hard to take proper pictures of us.. But here are the ones that Kimmy liked and chose to edit:

Notice!! Short skirt = long (anime/manga) legs. The skirt WAS short.

It was freezing to be outside with almost nothing on...

There will be more Hikari pictures as we had a small photoshoot with Kimmy on Saturday evening (just me in front of the camera and she behind it). But she hasn't gone through those yet so stay tuned~

We also made a promise considering me quitting cosplay. She lets me "quit" as long as I cosplay with her at least once a year (after 2013) and we already started talking about our project for 2014.. Those will take a lot of time (AND MONEY) to make so starting early is the only option.. :) What costumes and from which series?
That's the secret between me and Kimmy :)


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