Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doctor Who

Why did I lose the series 5 and 6 episodes thanks to the frigging hard drive?? ;;__;;
I wanna watch Doctor Who once again......
(the other series are in my external hard drive which is at my dad's place.... .__.)


ps. new photoshoot on Saturday~

Monday, January 30, 2012

Maybe You Should Pray For Me

This video sums it all up.

The day has been a GREAT one.
First of all I woke up at least 2 hours earlier than I would've needed to, I missed the first bus and I came late to class..
I got accepted to an okay group and I was elected as the group leader (thanks S!).
After lunch I tried to open my (school) laptop (the one I ALWAYS) but no. I was supposed to show some things from it but I couldn't, it took me about an hour to find an "ICT support" guy at school and after looking at my laptop for 5 mins he told me that my hard drive had blew up. I lost all of the photos since September 2011 AND most of my school work. AND it takes 2 weeks before he's ready with my laptop (thank GOD I don't have to pay for it!!!! Only because it's a study tool :3). In the end I did got a replacement for the next 2 weeks but it's not the same thing ;;__;;
And I missed the first bus back to home..............
And most of the people are just laughing at me when I tell them about my crappy day.. D:


This just ain't my day and I feel like going to bed right now. I'm not even touching the Swedish assignment today, I'm doing it tomorrow while trying to learn all of the Russian alphabets.. I've had enough.
Even though I did get my crush's phone number, we're closer AND work in the same group this day has been a terrible one and I don't want this to get worse..
I didn't even get any mail.. D:

I hope others are having a WAY better day!!


Sunday, January 29, 2012


I WAS supposed to post this on Friday afternoon after I would've gotten the photos on my laptop but right after arriving to my apartment I got a call, had to pack things up and I left. Until today I've been playing

Katawa Shoujo
(an emotional Visual Novel) and doing anything except school stuff or spend time online (which I'm doing right now~)

So here's what I've received during the last 2 weeks:
(sorry for the poor photos :( )

Week 3:

Letter from a male pal from Germany (you can see my address book~)

2 letters from USA (from MS and NJ)

4 letters from Finland~ (2 Moomin stamps :3)

Week 4:

Postcard from Australia :3

Letter and a cat postcard from Pear/Finland (MOOMIN STAMP :3)

Letter and a drawing from Luxembourg :) (THOSE stamps :3)

Letter from South Korea

From Germany (once again)

From Finland and Sri Lanka

And what was in the envelope which I got from Sri Lanka (Christmas presents and such :3)

And sent/to be sent letters:
Friday Jan. 27th:

Package to Luxembourg (replied REALLY fast due to a personal reason)

Postcard to Australia

3 letters to Germany and 1 to Finland

Monday Jan. 30th:

to South Korea (FINALLY managed to write this one!)

a small package to USA :)

And letters to Germany

We'll see whether I manage to write more letters tonight (probably not)

The stamps I currently have :3 Gotta love Finnish stamps at times :3

I'm still a bit behind with the letters so I doubt I'll get that many letters this week (most of the pals who I owe a letter are the ones who reply quite fast) and I'm busy with school assignments (didn't feel like working on those during the weekend ^^') so we'll see if I manage to reach "0 letters to reply" by February 29th 2012 which is my goal (also one of the reasons why I won't post letters the moment I've finished those - I don't want people to reply IMMEDIATELY but to take their time with it.. Penpalling is a hobby to me, I enjoy writing letters to my friends who live all around the globe and I like to wait for their letters and not get a letter back as soon as possible.. It causes me stress and that's not why I started snail mailing.. I relax while writing, I don't want to stress about it and if it bothers you that I take my time writing the letter and replying maybe I'm not the right pal for you. I send a reply to EVERY letter no matter how late it might be but I will still do it.

Sleep well and have a great week peeps~


Friday, January 27, 2012

More photos from Frostbite!

As some of my penpals already know I'm sending letters once or twice a week (on Monday and Friday) and I will start posting about the mail about once every week (probably on Fridays..) so there will be another post today about this weeks mail (sent and received) and the next one will be put up on Monday or next Friday (depending on whether I'll send the letters on Monday or not).

But here are more photos from Desucon Frostbite which was held almost 2 weeks ago (time flies!).

Hikari Konohana costume handmade by Kimmy
Full Moon/Mitsuki Koyama costume belongs to Ninnu
Photos and retouch by Kimmy
cheesepuffster as Izumi Rio


Full Moon and Izumi Rio 

Full Moon

On top of having a busy schedule with school (just started Russian all over again, Law classes started, we're starting a new project etc) I have slight problems with my health but it's nothing serious.. Hopefully the fact that I'll be able to sleep this weekend will help me regain my strength and not make me even sicker.. :(
At times I hate the winter and the fact that I get sick WAY too easily :(

Hopefully others aren't sick!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Desucon Frostbite January 14th-15th '12

I attended Desucon frostbite almost 2 weeks ago and it was super fun! (well, excluding the fights and me crying my eyes out in the toilet..........) Anyways~

I decided not to post anything about it before now because I've been dealing with an online stalker who didn't want to leave me alone.. Now things have (apparently) settled down and I feel a bit better and I believe it's okay to post the pictures from the convention now.. :)

On Saturday (which was the messier day) I cosplayed as Hikari Konohana from Strawberry Panic! I was talked over to join this group and I did. There were supposed to be 12 of us but in the end 5 decided to skip the group (note to self: NEVER join a cosplay group with strangers because they quit a couple of days before the convention.) I didn't meet as many of my friends as I would've liked but I got another Whovian and Sherlocked to hang out with me and we decided my Sunday's costume less than 24 hours before the next convention day :)
We were also extremely hyper and fangirly when we saw Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (the BBC drama - GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!! SERIOUSLY: IT _WILL_ BREAK YOUR HEART!!!!!!!! BUT IT'S _SO_ WORTH IT. BENEDICT IS SO DREAMY.) cosplayers :3

Hikari (me) and Tsubomi (HachiKo) from Spica (Amane and Yaya decided not to come to the convention...) More photos of SP! group can be found from Kimmy's blog: Alice In Passionland
Hikari's costume, photos and retouch © Kimmy

On Sunday I cosplayed Full Moon from Full Moon Wo Sagashite (by Arina Tanemura.) Full Moon was one of my favourite mangas and animes when I was 14-16 years old so being able to wear Ninnu's costume was nice :)

Full Moon, Audition version (me, costume from ep. 1) and Izumi Rio (cheesepuffster, my fellow Whovian and Sherlocked. Bow ties are cool + I don't have friends. I only have one :3)

Photos and Retouch © Kimmy
Full Moon/Mitsuki Koyama costume belongs to Ninnu

And yes, it's the same wig I used on Saturday.
And as Kimmy said me and cheesepuffster were goofing off quite a lot during Full Moon shoot (I did that on Saturday as well) so at times it was hard to take proper pictures of us.. But here are the ones that Kimmy liked and chose to edit:

Notice!! Short skirt = long (anime/manga) legs. The skirt WAS short.

It was freezing to be outside with almost nothing on...

There will be more Hikari pictures as we had a small photoshoot with Kimmy on Saturday evening (just me in front of the camera and she behind it). But she hasn't gone through those yet so stay tuned~

We also made a promise considering me quitting cosplay. She lets me "quit" as long as I cosplay with her at least once a year (after 2013) and we already started talking about our project for 2014.. Those will take a lot of time (AND MONEY) to make so starting early is the only option.. :) What costumes and from which series?
That's the secret between me and Kimmy :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend & other stuff.


Leaving in a couple of hours and I still haven't packed..
I know I'm lazy but I don't know what to pack and my closet is stupid for not having nice clothes in it :(

And on top of that my mailman hates me even though I should already have received my orders :( So no mail :(
Next week I'll probably be at my apartment only on Monday if I won't have any classes Tue-Fri as we've been informed (but you never know whether that applies to Russian classes or not.....) so I keep my fingers crossed that I get something next week. I've also noticed that I write much more during the weekends I'm at my dad's place.. When I'm at my apartment I just sleep all day.. :/
So if we won't be having school I'll be writing lots of letters next week :3

I will be working on a project on Thu and Sun but it's only ~12 hours and that's it :3

I can't wait this to be over :3

And tomorrow I'll be in Lahti cosplaying.. I bet people can't get me up tomorrow morning as I don't like waiking up before 10am BUT the convention starts at 10am and we need to be there around that time to get the "ticket" to S..... So we need to leave around 9.30am X__x
ME NO WANT!!!!! ;;__;;

Have a great weekend everyone :)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tea Cozy

I'm done voting, let's hope Finland will get its next President with only one election.. (We will have a 2nd election if no one gets more than 50% of the votes. In the 2nd election there are only 2 candidates - the ones who got the most votes)

Before that I received a letter from F/Finland, again a lovely letter with 13 two sided papers (Alice in Wonderland paper and Moomin envelope. And lovely stamps :3)

And I got a notice that I had received a package (AGAIN.) I was sure that those would have been the knee socks I bought but NO! To my surprise it was a package from Canada. From Nora! I didn't even notice my old classmate who was working at the post, I just dashed out to the bus stop and opened the package to find a lovely letter and the CUTEST tea cozy I've EVER seen! :3

I wasn't expecting a letter from her even though she said that she sent a package after Christmas :)

I only sent 4 postcrossing cards today. :( But I'm continuing letter writing as I don't need to step outside before Friday afternoon and I don't feel that well (I'm cold and I have this feeling like I'm going to be sick soon ;;__;;). But anyways. It feels like I'm already drinking my 10th cup of tea since 2pm and it's only a bit over 4pm :S

I'm going to write my letters and probably sleep for a while as I won't take an aspirin this time.



Still angry at guys. But what can you do..
In my case I always fell for the wrong guys and get hurt in one way or another..
Even though he kinda apologized..

I forgot to add some photos a bit earlier.. :)

I'm happy we finally got some snow as it's not that dark every night :)

Got enough tea? :) Here's all the tea I currently have.. I said that those would last about a year but I don't think so anymore.. Not enough tea for the next 5 months X__x

I was able to send 3 envelopes yesterday:
2 containing postcards and a letter. :)

Birthday card and a small surprise to Raven

A letter to M/Finland :)

I've been working on a couple of letters (1 in Finnish, 1 in English - yup I can concentrate on 2 letters if those are written in different languages) and apparently I have more free time than I imagined..

I went to school yesterday from 10am to 12.40pm.
Between 10 and 11am I only wrote one email and that was it, 11-12 I went to the cafeteria with S and H and we had a proper chat after a while..
I also got a surprise from S :3
Soap holder, mirror and a fridge magnet from Paris :)

After lunch we went to the classroom and we had nothing to do so we started chatting and at some point S and H realized that my birthday is during the summer and H immediately started to plan a gathering to Linnanmäki as S hasn't been there :) We talked about the roller coasters and had fun.. After the class we went to a café as S wasn't able to come to meet with us on Monday.. We walked around the town before she had to go to work and then me and H found our way back to the shoe shops. She went around while I sat down and planned not to move in a while. My feet were aching thanks to my new shoes......... :(

AND we heard that the next time when we have classes will be NEXT MONDAY D:
Le Fuuuuu~
And apparently most of my days will be 8.15am to 5.45pm and I have Russian 3 days a week for about 12 hours D: (Tuesday 2pm-5.45pm, Wednesday 8.15am-11.45am and on Thursday 8.15am-11.45am) and on top of Russian I have Finnish, English and apparently Swedish even though we were told that our next Swedish course would be when we're 2nd year students D: 4 languages.. I'm surely going to mix the languages.

Around 3pm I was waiting Kimmy to get off from work and we ended up going to her place to finish my Hikari costume.. The costume ended up being one of my favourite ones she has made but I CAN'T stand the wig D:
And after she pointed out last time my ass is too big and now my shoulders are weird too.. D: I'm seriously starting to think about the cosmetic surgeries D:

Without make up and someone dared to call me pretty D:

But as I was already a bit pissed at that point I didn't like being photographed..

Got home around 7pm and from that point forward my day got worse and worse. And the peak point of that was around 10pm.
The only thing I managed to finish was a mix tape for the weekend which includes both Kimmy's (party) and my (depressed/sad) kind of music..

We'll see what happens today as I'll be leaving to H's place and we're going to vote (Presidential election) near her place.. After that I'll probably come back home and bury myself under the blankets since it's rainy outside and I don't feel like seeing anyone else today.. :(