Sunday, December 4, 2011


After staying inside my apartment for nearly the whole weekend (Fri-Sun) excluding Saturday when I took the garbage out and went to the shop with S and V. S is in touch with the guy she likes and I'm a bit jealous. She's so cute and girlish and blushes whenever people bring up the fact that she's talking with the guy she likes. (I even saw the guy at the shop yesterday and he greeted S with a smile - just the type of guy who'd be gay or taken if I'd have a crush on him.)

Today I woke up around 12 and felt powerless.. It was raining a lot and I didn't feel like doing a thing. So I've been working with some letters, eating lots of sweets (whenever I'm down or feel powerless I eat lots of sweets). I didn't eat anything proper until 7pm when I went to S, V and J's apartment. S had made Vietnamese "hot pot" type of dish (delicious as always! - I'm personally one of the worst cooks I know.) J was still working when we started eating. I was asked to speak some Finnish and I did. We were gossiping and I heard that H had a date with a foreigner. S didn't know with whom but I had accidentally seen H's phone when she got a message from an older foreign guy and based on that we came to the conclusion that they went for a date. This lead to the fact that in the end when J had already came back I was asked whether I'm seeing someone and I just bluntly replied: "No." S got upset and started scolding me how I should say that I'm not seeing anyone YET. We talked about everything. Weight, height, yaoi, gay culture in Finland and Vietnam and the fact that everyone else has someone they're interested in.. At one point V started looking at me and asked to see my right hand. I was a bit confused but S told me that V's hobby (apart from wanting to massage everyone :')) is to read future. So after a while I gave her my hand and she said something that the fact that there's space between two "lines" means that I'm going to have a great future if I work hard towards it. I was taken aback and spent the next minutes staring at my right hand.

I still can't believe I've made great Asian friends in FINLAND. I can be who I truly am with them and we can talk about everything.

And as I cut and dyed my hair... I think short dark hair suits me a lot better. S was surprised to see me with short hair and asked what people had said to me about it and today J came from behind and hugged me asking whether I had cut my hair.

And in the end I made plans with S that she will be coming to one of the summer's conventions with me as she'll be staying in Finland this summer and when I have my next photoshoot (today's plans were canceled due my and Kimmy's tiredness and bad weather) S will be there :3 It's going to be great! :)


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