Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mail Update

As I really haven't posted anything about my mail in a while I thought I should do that now as I don't feel like writing (these "I'm down so leave me be"-phases once again)
And I won't be posting pics of every letter I've received as I collect stamps and some envelopes have been cut because of the stamps (F/Indonesia and Y/Israel for example :)) and some letters have been replied and because I've written letters for over 10/11 years I have MANY boxes where I keep my letters and I don't feel like starting to go over all of those :)

From A/Finland

From J/USA

From I/Germany

From K/Japan

From A/Netherlands (currently Australia)

From H/South Korea

From N/Finland (childhood friend who's currently an exchange student in Canada :))

From M/Finland
First letters from N/Italy and M/Germany
Lovely letter from Michi/Israel :3
2nd letter from F/Finland. Great to have a Finnish pal with whom I can talk about lots of things :3
Postcards from A/Netherlands/Australia (I LOVE Australia and she knows it x3)

Postcards from Kimmy(Gran Canaria), A/Taiwan (cherry blossoms), Tessa/Austria (b&w with colours - a cheer up card), London eye from Kimmy and a flower from Maria/Finland :)

Christmas cards I've received :)

From E/South Korea :3

From E/South Korea

And to my written and to be sent mail:

Letters to be sent:
Pink Alice: SH/Finland and A/Finland
Blue Alice: SM/Finland and X/Finland
Green Alice: KT/Finland and J/Finland
Purple envies: SO/Finland and KK/Finland

I also have a package to Maria BUT I won't be posting a photo until I have Aya's package ready as well :)

Postcards to A/Taiwan, A/Australia, Raven/Finland and S/China

Take care~


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