Friday, December 2, 2011

Mail day!!

I've received some letters now and then and haven't blogged about those. I will do it later but I just HAD to write a post about a letter I got today :3

I met S through another pal of mine as they're friends (both from Portugal) and J told S about me and that I'm an anime fan etc. So I got a message from S about a year ago and since then we've been sending messages online - interpals, deviantArt and facebook. A while ago we started doing some swaps (she draws and I send her all sorts of anime/manga goodies) and in the end we started writing to each other :)

her drawings:

Hatsune Miku and mailart :3

A drawing she made for my best friend (she got drawings from all over the world) - S was kind enough to help me with that project :)

Mailart :)

My OC Rosalia (half vampire, half angel)

S's OC Azure

And the (first) letter I got today:

Pikachu mailart :3

Black and White from the newest Pokémon game (yes, I still love Pokémon.) - S made the paper

NXWhite (I'm a BIG fangirl!!) Thank you SO much S!! This made my day!! :)


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