Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just MY luck.

Today (Dec. 6th) is Finland's Independence day and I gotta say that in my mind it's the most depressing holiday there is. We don't even celebrate it!! We just sit at home and think about the men who fought for our independence in the 40s........
I'm jealous to Americans with their 4th of July - we don't even have fireworks!!!! D: Even the Australia day was more interesting (even though I spent it with my mom's aunt and her friends D:).

I was planning on writing my portfolio today as the deadline is tomorrow evening (everything is done a day or two before the deadline~) BUT I had totally forgotten that I didn't have the file I needed AND our schools pages were down from 6am to 6pm D:

1) I couldn't start the portfolio before 5pm
2) I didn't have almost any letters with me - only a postcard and 2 letters I received yesterday and I wrote a reply to another one of those last night D:
3) I have already sent most of the Christmas cards

So I wrote one long letter to F today and cursed my luck. Whenever I have time to write letters I don't take almost any with me and when I don't have the time to write I take lots of letters along D:

I hate Independence day because nothing watchable comes from tv and NOTHING happens.. So I've been bored to death today and since 5pm I've been working with the portfolio. I know I'm going to get a failed mark but at least I write what I honestly think.
I'm so sick and tired of acting like I enjoy studying in there and that nothing is wrong.


ps. about one week and I'm in London. And it doesn't feel like it D: I'm screwed!!!!!!! I haven't even started packing (or thinking about it) D:

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