Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Has no one ever told you that you're a nerd?"

After yesterday's depressing chat with S and V and this morning's chat which ended with *insert someone's name here* saying:
"Since you don't seem happy with your current life, you shouldn't start a relationship."
It was quite "cheery" to walk the rest of the 5 km way to school after hearing that.
(Thank god there's always those who have known you for years to comfort you (sometimes) if you're down or have some things on your mind!)

I went to school 2 hours before the ICT exam and I'm quite happy I did. I hang around for a while and in the end I ended up going after a classmate to ask for help (ICT problems :P) and she ended up going to a small meeting room with a couple of international male students and HIM :)
Had a chat with my classmate but in the end she asked me to stay there with her and I did.
Didn't took long before we started talking with the guys as well.
I asked help with Excel things and HE was the only one who was able to help me. First he showed it on his laptop and after he noticed that I didn't get it at all he made me try it. Somehow I understood it in the end and shut Excel.
Then he saw my desktop image:


"Doctor Who?" (My heart skipped a beat - seriously! A guy that lives in Finland and knows Doctor Who!)
I laughed a bit and nodded.
"Has no one ever told you that you're a nerd?"
I felt somehow happy that I was being called a nerd.
"Yeah, and I know it."

After that we started talking casually about music - especially L's music taste - some metal, some pop, some trance etc. And when she started playing songs like The Voice by Celtic Woman (even my roommate likes the song :3) and Battlefield by Jordin Sparks the talk about music became even more interesting.
We even talked how it's best to listen to sad songs when you're sad because once you reach the bottom you can only go up :)

And about 30mins before the exam started I went to the cafeteria with L and we talked about the fact that she'll be changing to another school after this year and I told her about my plans. It was quite nice but in the end I almost came late to the exam and I had to take the exam in another class than all of my friends..

After the exam it was snowing and I was supposed to go home but somehow I ended up going to Kimmy's place for 2 hours and came home after 6pm. I have another exam today but I haven't studied at all.. I got angry because I need to redo one of my essays/assignments and started writing it, found and ate all the cookies and sweets I had and now I'm getting ready for tomorrow.. :)


ps. We don't like Adele :(

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