Thursday, November 10, 2011



At times I love receiving typed letters. When I get one I usually reply with a typed letter (which is a bit more boring yet quicker way to write). In one case I couldn't read my pal's handwriting and it took me about half an hour to read one page of her 2 page letter. I don't think I said anything about it but the next letter I got from her - probably because I had misread her address.. It wasn't C but P............ How was I supposed to know? (I could have googled it like I did this time to check the address........) Anyways. I've felt a bit lazy lately so I was happy to find some typed letters in my letter pile. I'm writing those at the moment and then I can move to the proper handwritten letters :)
Today I was able to chat with my roommate S for the first time as she came "home" :) I just knew that she's some kind of a model (at least based on her FB profile :)) It was so nice to get to know her and hear that she loves tea as well :) We talked for sometime, she asked me to translate some sentences from Finnish to English (my roommates study in Finnish while I'm in the international class). And a while ago M came with her boyfriend so we're all here at the same time :) And I don't need to walk to school tomorrow as M's school day starts at 10am as well and she has a car :) (S and M are classmates and 3rd year students - I don't think I've told that to almost anyone.. just that they're upperclassmen :)). I had a chat with M last Thursday and it was quite hilarious as she was hungover (came from the bar at 5.30am when I woke up for the first time :)). Now we're all quite relaxed around each other.. And our model loves cleaning :D Great that even one of us does :') M said that she can't see the chaos around her and I'm just so damn lazy..

It's getting quite late and even though I won't be waking up early but I need to stay up late tomorrow.

Me, T and S will be having a Korean night at my place. S is Vietnamese and a great cook (and loves Korean food), T has lived in Japan for 2 years and knows how to make kimchi and pipimbap :) I have no idea what I'm eating tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it~
On Saturday J is back from London and will make some Chinese/Korean food (and S invited me over :3) and on Sunday it'll be Father's Day here in Finland. Restaurant<3

Take care everyone~
Mail post coming next week - I think :)


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