Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Student Apartment :))

Moving in went pretty well (took only 2,5 hours) and as soon as I get postcards and such to be put on the walls everything is perfect :)
I went to flea markets yesterday and found mugs (9), glasses (2) and plates (16) all for 4€ and a lovely mirror for 10€ (people ave always complained how I don't have a mirror in my room. Now I have :DD

kitchen (it's quite big but on the other hand it is for 3 girls :))

The only problem is that I stressed too much about everything and now I got sick thanks to it D: I've had a huge headache for 2 days now and it won't go away (even though I slept for 11 hours and I do eat properly) and I feel cold all the time (and H said that my forehead felt warm and S said that I look pretty tired.. :/). So I'll be visiting the school nurse tomorrow and probably ask for a couple of days off (MAYBE)..
I've currently met one of my roommates.. M seems nice but she's spending time with her boyfriend in her room so.. :) And from what I've heard she nor S will be that often at the apartment as they spend some of the days with their friends/family/boyfriends.. And S moved in just a week before I did and M had lived here all alone for 2 months.. :)
Now I'm just waiting for A to visit me (like she said she would) and my dad to bring the rest of my stuff.. Luckily I can go home tomorrow (and I'm only having one lesson + a chat with my English teacher (he's Russian...... why can't we have a native English teacher?? D:) and a meeting with my group (I guess....... Have NO idea..) Anyhow~
I guess I need to start my math homework and eat something.. :)


ps. I'm almost broke<3

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