Wednesday, November 23, 2011


At the same time I'm both lazy and busy.
I've been writing different assignments during this week and at the moment I'm even done with some of those which don't have to be returned before next week.
But this has caused me staying up until 2 or 3am since Sunday. on Monday I surprisingly got to bed early and woke up around 9am by myself and had time to work with some Math problems as school didn't start before 12pm.

Oh~ And on Monday me, S and H were almost left to Helsinki. We visited the Helsinki Exhibition Center as well as H-H in Pasila. No one bothered to inform us that the bus took off an hour before it was supposed to and no one even made sure that everyone was in the bus.... Luckily we noticed it and called T before they were outside of Helsinki so they turned around and came to get us.
Seriously, we only have one Vietnamese student in our class and no one noticed that she was missing! We were laughing when the bus came back but our classmates weren't amused at all :)

Today I decided to skip my only class from 12pm to 1pm BUT I need to go to a meeting from 2pm to 3pm and from 5.30pm forward I'm retaking my math exam :/ Luckily I have money for the bus fare so I won't have to walk to home after dark. The area where I live is the worst in the whole town. Lots of drug addicts and alcoholics so there's NO way I'd walk back during dark. Too bad the cheapest apartments are here as well.. :/

Tomorrow on the other hand I'm skipping my math lesson as I've sent the assignments to the teacher and that's that. We'd only check the problems and as I've made sure all of my solutions are right I'll rather sleep and continue the book summary I need to return by December 12th (I'm a slow reader at times).

I'll be going to school on Friday as we have "Tourism as a phenomenon" and it's the only class I really love. The teacher is one of the best I've had and her voice isn't monotonous at all :)

During the weekend I'll be working and on Monday I need to be at school around 8.30am because:

"Enrollment for the spring semester courses will start on 5 Dec.
I´d like to meet you around this topic on Monday 28 Nov at 8.30 to hear
your opinions on the proposed course offering"

I'm not interested in that at all - I take the courses that are comprehensive and some extras so that I can get the courses I need to take. And I'll start Russian once again.. D: Between German, French, Spanish and Russian I chose to take Russian as I've already studied it for a while so it shouldn't be THAT hard.. And especially if the classes are from 8am to 10am I seriously need a language that's quite familiar to me..

But I guess I should start my morning with the morning tea and breakfast before I even start thinking about school assignments and math.



  1. Venäjä on varmaan hyvä valinta :D ja nähtävästi oot saanu hyvin tehtyä noita tehtäviä, jee~ :)
    ps. kyyti asia mitä luultavammin hoidettu! :)

  2. joo~ :) Seuraavat deadlinet on ens perjantaina ja jos saan tänää tehtyy neki tehtävät loppuun ni mul ei oo ku vaa se referaatti maanantaiks ennen Lontooseen lähtöö<3 :)
    Mahtavaa! :) Sain melkee paniikin, ku kuulin ettei saada kyytii sinne, mut takas kyl.. :)