Monday, November 14, 2011

Photoshoot #2 - November 14th 2011

I had a photoshoot with my best friend Kimmy/Kifia.
We had been planning it for almost a week and we were supposed to have a shoot last week but because my newest dress was at my dad's place we had to wait until today.
I've been pretty sick lately and today wasn't an exception.
But we managed to get some great photos (which I LUV!) but I won't be posting any of those before Kimmy has gone through those and chosen the ones to retouch.
But I'm still showing a small sneak-peek:

I guess Kimmy will be posting the photos to her deviantArt account (go there by clicking "Kifia") and I'm probably uploading those to my facebook account.. But if I'm really pleased with the retouch some might be added here as well~

And here's our vlog of the evening:


ps. I know I shouldn't be filming anyone.. SORRY!


  1. You are so beautiful, waaah! :---) I can't wait to see the photos!

  2. This time I didn't feel like a drag queen!! :D
    But the blond wig was awful.. I seriously looked like Johanna Tukiainen :')
    I'm also waiting for the retouched pictures to come<3 I've already seen the originals and I LOVE most of those :))

  3. You look like that singer from that Dutch Nightwish copycat band. That song 'Memories' is theirs? ;)
    You so beautiful! <3

  4. Within Temptation? :D (loved that song and saw the band live ;))
    Thank you sweeties! <3

  5. En uskalla kattoa tota videota = takaisin kuvien muokkaamisen pariin :'D