Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mail update

Like my new mailbox? ;)

I just realised that I haven't done any mail updates for a while.. :S I haven't been sending that much but I've received mostly everything that has been sent to me lately (even postcards from China that took over 2 months to arrive!)

I've heard that my handmade envelopes did reach their destinations and weren't that damaged :) After the two I sent a while ago I sent 3 more - one to Finland and two to Germany:

to Finland - ARRIVED

To SM/Germany

To M/Germany - My Christina Aguilera envelope :3 ARRIVED

Got a last envelope "swap" from a postcard pal last week, from now on we'll be writing letters :)

From A/Finland (postcards can be found from my postcard blog) - LOVE the envelope!

And on Monday (October 31st) I got 3 letters:

From P/Germany

From K/Finland

From Aya-chan/Lithuania (love the envelope she made and the teas and letter and everything :D)

November 2nd I got a letter that arrived at home (dad brought some of my stuff to me so I got the letter at the same time.. :)) even though most of my mail is forwarded here until December 1st :)

SF/Germany - Is it just me or does every German have Diddl stationery? :D

And today (Thursday November 3rd) I received 4 letters and 2 postcards :)

From Tessa/Austria

Kimmy visited the Canary Isles a while back and I asked her to send me a card :)

Letter from Rini/USA

From S/China - I LOVE Chinese postcards (and penguins!! x3)

From S/Luxembourg :3

From Maria/Finland

Had a GREAT mail day today and I can't believe that all of these lovely letters came to me at the same time :3

Hopefully others have great mail days as well :D



  1. I spotted the cute Moomin Finnish stamp! I always wanted to collect them! So adorable! Nice mail box and mail that you received! :)


  2. Haha :D I'm also a big fan of the Moomins but I hardly ever receive those stamps myself.. But whenever I get the chance to I buy those to use in the letters I'm going to send :)
    Thank you<3 :)