Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little by little I've started to dislike living "on my own". I live in a dorm "styled" apartment but most of the time I'm all alone. My flatmates hardly spend any time in here and if they do they are with their boyfriends so it means I'm quietly in my room. I get along with them but since they are with their boyfriends or if they are both here at the same time they usually chat with each other as they are classmates and I'm just a freshman.

I've been really down lately and I hate it. I hardly have any money, I don't feel like writing letters or assignments and I just lay in bed and look at the ceiling. And little by little I've started to think about what I REALLY want. I DON'T want to continue studying in Porvoo and I don't want to live on my own. I do have some friends in here but most are foreigners (Asians) which means I'm not always welcome to hang with them as they have these days when they go to Helsinki or somewhere as a group (you know how Vietnamese and other Asian tourists go everywhere in a BIG group?). My best friend works and is busy with her hobbies and my dear childhood friend is in Canada at the moment and won't come back before next summer. And what makes it even worse is that I've been talking with her a lot in Facebook and I REALLY miss her! I saw her a day before she left but now I have to wait until June-July to see her once again...
And the ones who live far away.. I can't even see them because of school assignments and money problems D:


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