Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye...

I feel down and depressed and at the moment there's nothing I'd rather do than watch Dr Who's second season (especially Doomsday) and cry my eyes out. But those are in my other laptop. Which is dead at the moment (RIP).......

And on top of that I can't find "Secret Smiles" anywhere and I left my CDs with "Casanova" miniseries at home so I can't really watch anything with Tennant in it :( (which usually cheers me up a LOT - especially while some people ignore me whenever I have a worse phase).....


I miss those episodes and the fact that after Christmas I need to wait for MONTHS before Who is back on doesn't help it (or that I finished Sherlock and the 2nd season airs in 2012 D:) I have seriously nothing to watch (animes aren't counted).

ANY tv-series you could recommend?
I love fantasy/drama/sci-fi some sitcoms and so on~

I just have to have something to watch since I don't have a telly D:



  1. Have you tried "Dexter"? It tells about a serial killer who hunts down serial killers : --) It's amazing! It's pretty gory though, I don't know if you like that kind of stuff? But I remember you liking some anime that had a lot of blood, so..

    Then there's "Wilfred". Elijah Wood plays a lonely man who starts to look after his neighbour's dog Wilfred. The weird thing is he can understand everything Wilfred says... Hilarious!

    And then there's "Angels in America" which is my favourite HBO show. It's a 8 episode series about a gay man who gets AIDS. Soon after he is diagnosed, he starts to see angels. DON'T WORRY; it isn't just some kind of religious bullshit. HEY - I don't like religion and it's my favourite show ;---) ! Also, Raven loved it! So you must love it too - I really recommend it <3

  2. I haven't watched any of those :) Maybe I should :D

  3. Ehkä... paras lentsu lääke on Tohtori ja Sherlock. Mennee varmaan vkoloppu niiden kanssa <3 Smithy ja Cumberi parantaa. :)

  4. Maybe you'd like Pushing Daisies, or Misfits, (maybe seasons 1 to 5 of Supernatural and Fringe). And I've heard that Once Upon a Time is good too.

    Comedies: I really like Raising Hope, Bored to death, Better off Ted (it's really short) and New Girl but they are a bit weird but in a nice way I guess. Maybe you've watched some of them, who knows, I'm new, but anyway, cheer up! You should watch one of these movies that cheer you and recover hope and energies...