Friday, November 25, 2011

Cuteness :3

I woke up around 6.30 this morning and I immediately felt like shutting the alarm and go back to sleep. I had a dream of David Tennant once again so ;)

School doesn't start before 10am but I was at school already around 8.45 because I walked with S and I was planning on meeting another group leader to talk about the timetables but apparently she won't be coming to school before 10......

Anyways. Yesterday ended up being okay - my comment was read on the radio station which I've started to listen all thanks to Raven and I managed to cook for myself (I NEVER cook and whenever I'm all alone I usually end up drinking tea and eating nothing for the day - that's the reason why I'm still this "slim").

When I walked to school with S I managed to talk about the school project and what pisses me most about my current group. Little by little we changed the subject to Finnish winter and the S surprised me.

"I got an e-mail from THAT guy..."
She had had a crush for a Finnish guy for as long as I can remember and last week she gave him some kind of a card (Asians ARE super cute :3). So when I heard that I immediately started smiling like an idiot and asked about it. Too bad the guy didn't get what S meant with the card and S went silent at one point before continuing.
"I'm.. I'm afraid he's a year younger.. (The guy looks older than 20!!) He had this prom photo in his facebook and it read "2010" in there.."
And then I started telling her about the Finnish tradition of having "prom" in the 2nd year of high school and once again I shocked her (last time was when she asked my opinion about Finnish guys.. She shouldn't let me speak too openly :S). Now she's a bit depressed that the guy is apparently 19.. :(


Thursday, November 24, 2011

"You're the team leader for next week"

F--- you people.
Like I wouldn't have other things to do! D:

So.. My team leader is going to Egypt for one week and decided that I would be the perfect team leader (as I have helped her when she has been skipping classes). I'm busy and I have lots of things to do before December and now I need to run in stupid meetings without knowing everything that our group has done. PERFECT! Why couldn't she choose one of those stupid blonds that are in our group? Or the foreigner??
Yes I'm pissed and I've had enough of this all!! D:

"She kept saying how great you are and that's one of the reason why she chose you! :)"

I hate when people make me do extra jobs D: From now on I won't be helping anyone D:


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


At the same time I'm both lazy and busy.
I've been writing different assignments during this week and at the moment I'm even done with some of those which don't have to be returned before next week.
But this has caused me staying up until 2 or 3am since Sunday. on Monday I surprisingly got to bed early and woke up around 9am by myself and had time to work with some Math problems as school didn't start before 12pm.

Oh~ And on Monday me, S and H were almost left to Helsinki. We visited the Helsinki Exhibition Center as well as H-H in Pasila. No one bothered to inform us that the bus took off an hour before it was supposed to and no one even made sure that everyone was in the bus.... Luckily we noticed it and called T before they were outside of Helsinki so they turned around and came to get us.
Seriously, we only have one Vietnamese student in our class and no one noticed that she was missing! We were laughing when the bus came back but our classmates weren't amused at all :)

Today I decided to skip my only class from 12pm to 1pm BUT I need to go to a meeting from 2pm to 3pm and from 5.30pm forward I'm retaking my math exam :/ Luckily I have money for the bus fare so I won't have to walk to home after dark. The area where I live is the worst in the whole town. Lots of drug addicts and alcoholics so there's NO way I'd walk back during dark. Too bad the cheapest apartments are here as well.. :/

Tomorrow on the other hand I'm skipping my math lesson as I've sent the assignments to the teacher and that's that. We'd only check the problems and as I've made sure all of my solutions are right I'll rather sleep and continue the book summary I need to return by December 12th (I'm a slow reader at times).

I'll be going to school on Friday as we have "Tourism as a phenomenon" and it's the only class I really love. The teacher is one of the best I've had and her voice isn't monotonous at all :)

During the weekend I'll be working and on Monday I need to be at school around 8.30am because:

"Enrollment for the spring semester courses will start on 5 Dec.
I´d like to meet you around this topic on Monday 28 Nov at 8.30 to hear
your opinions on the proposed course offering"

I'm not interested in that at all - I take the courses that are comprehensive and some extras so that I can get the courses I need to take. And I'll start Russian once again.. D: Between German, French, Spanish and Russian I chose to take Russian as I've already studied it for a while so it shouldn't be THAT hard.. And especially if the classes are from 8am to 10am I seriously need a language that's quite familiar to me..

But I guess I should start my morning with the morning tea and breakfast before I even start thinking about school assignments and math.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little by little I've started to dislike living "on my own". I live in a dorm "styled" apartment but most of the time I'm all alone. My flatmates hardly spend any time in here and if they do they are with their boyfriends so it means I'm quietly in my room. I get along with them but since they are with their boyfriends or if they are both here at the same time they usually chat with each other as they are classmates and I'm just a freshman.

I've been really down lately and I hate it. I hardly have any money, I don't feel like writing letters or assignments and I just lay in bed and look at the ceiling. And little by little I've started to think about what I REALLY want. I DON'T want to continue studying in Porvoo and I don't want to live on my own. I do have some friends in here but most are foreigners (Asians) which means I'm not always welcome to hang with them as they have these days when they go to Helsinki or somewhere as a group (you know how Vietnamese and other Asian tourists go everywhere in a BIG group?). My best friend works and is busy with her hobbies and my dear childhood friend is in Canada at the moment and won't come back before next summer. And what makes it even worse is that I've been talking with her a lot in Facebook and I REALLY miss her! I saw her a day before she left but now I have to wait until June-July to see her once again...
And the ones who live far away.. I can't even see them because of school assignments and money problems D:


Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye...

I feel down and depressed and at the moment there's nothing I'd rather do than watch Dr Who's second season (especially Doomsday) and cry my eyes out. But those are in my other laptop. Which is dead at the moment (RIP).......

And on top of that I can't find "Secret Smiles" anywhere and I left my CDs with "Casanova" miniseries at home so I can't really watch anything with Tennant in it :( (which usually cheers me up a LOT - especially while some people ignore me whenever I have a worse phase).....


I miss those episodes and the fact that after Christmas I need to wait for MONTHS before Who is back on doesn't help it (or that I finished Sherlock and the 2nd season airs in 2012 D:) I have seriously nothing to watch (animes aren't counted).

ANY tv-series you could recommend?
I love fantasy/drama/sci-fi some sitcoms and so on~

I just have to have something to watch since I don't have a telly D:


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photoshoot #2 Pictures (#1)

Kimmy started retouching the photos almost immediately so I've already seen and received some retouched pictures from her. When all of the pictures we both have liked are retouched there will be over 20 pictures of the photoshoot - more than I've ever got from any photoshoots - be it cosplay or casual.

But here are the first six ones: (there are 7 in her dA account but I didn't like the 7th one)


That Don't Impress Me Much


And as I said the great photographer/retoucher/stylist is kifia
Dress' brand is 59seconds (I LOVE Asian clothes!)
And I'm the "model".........

More will be uploaded little by little


Monday, November 14, 2011

Photoshoot #2 - November 14th 2011

I had a photoshoot with my best friend Kimmy/Kifia.
We had been planning it for almost a week and we were supposed to have a shoot last week but because my newest dress was at my dad's place we had to wait until today.
I've been pretty sick lately and today wasn't an exception.
But we managed to get some great photos (which I LUV!) but I won't be posting any of those before Kimmy has gone through those and chosen the ones to retouch.
But I'm still showing a small sneak-peek:

I guess Kimmy will be posting the photos to her deviantArt account (go there by clicking "Kifia") and I'm probably uploading those to my facebook account.. But if I'm really pleased with the retouch some might be added here as well~

And here's our vlog of the evening:


ps. I know I shouldn't be filming anyone.. SORRY!

Thursday, November 10, 2011



At times I love receiving typed letters. When I get one I usually reply with a typed letter (which is a bit more boring yet quicker way to write). In one case I couldn't read my pal's handwriting and it took me about half an hour to read one page of her 2 page letter. I don't think I said anything about it but the next letter I got from her - probably because I had misread her address.. It wasn't C but P............ How was I supposed to know? (I could have googled it like I did this time to check the address........) Anyways. I've felt a bit lazy lately so I was happy to find some typed letters in my letter pile. I'm writing those at the moment and then I can move to the proper handwritten letters :)
Today I was able to chat with my roommate S for the first time as she came "home" :) I just knew that she's some kind of a model (at least based on her FB profile :)) It was so nice to get to know her and hear that she loves tea as well :) We talked for sometime, she asked me to translate some sentences from Finnish to English (my roommates study in Finnish while I'm in the international class). And a while ago M came with her boyfriend so we're all here at the same time :) And I don't need to walk to school tomorrow as M's school day starts at 10am as well and she has a car :) (S and M are classmates and 3rd year students - I don't think I've told that to almost anyone.. just that they're upperclassmen :)). I had a chat with M last Thursday and it was quite hilarious as she was hungover (came from the bar at 5.30am when I woke up for the first time :)). Now we're all quite relaxed around each other.. And our model loves cleaning :D Great that even one of us does :') M said that she can't see the chaos around her and I'm just so damn lazy..

It's getting quite late and even though I won't be waking up early but I need to stay up late tomorrow.

Me, T and S will be having a Korean night at my place. S is Vietnamese and a great cook (and loves Korean food), T has lived in Japan for 2 years and knows how to make kimchi and pipimbap :) I have no idea what I'm eating tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it~
On Saturday J is back from London and will make some Chinese/Korean food (and S invited me over :3) and on Sunday it'll be Father's Day here in Finland. Restaurant<3

Take care everyone~
Mail post coming next week - I think :)


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mail update

Like my new mailbox? ;)

I just realised that I haven't done any mail updates for a while.. :S I haven't been sending that much but I've received mostly everything that has been sent to me lately (even postcards from China that took over 2 months to arrive!)

I've heard that my handmade envelopes did reach their destinations and weren't that damaged :) After the two I sent a while ago I sent 3 more - one to Finland and two to Germany:

to Finland - ARRIVED

To SM/Germany

To M/Germany - My Christina Aguilera envelope :3 ARRIVED

Got a last envelope "swap" from a postcard pal last week, from now on we'll be writing letters :)

From A/Finland (postcards can be found from my postcard blog) - LOVE the envelope!

And on Monday (October 31st) I got 3 letters:

From P/Germany

From K/Finland

From Aya-chan/Lithuania (love the envelope she made and the teas and letter and everything :D)

November 2nd I got a letter that arrived at home (dad brought some of my stuff to me so I got the letter at the same time.. :)) even though most of my mail is forwarded here until December 1st :)

SF/Germany - Is it just me or does every German have Diddl stationery? :D

And today (Thursday November 3rd) I received 4 letters and 2 postcards :)

From Tessa/Austria

Kimmy visited the Canary Isles a while back and I asked her to send me a card :)

Letter from Rini/USA

From S/China - I LOVE Chinese postcards (and penguins!! x3)

From S/Luxembourg :3

From Maria/Finland

Had a GREAT mail day today and I can't believe that all of these lovely letters came to me at the same time :3

Hopefully others have great mail days as well :D

Woke up 5.30 am after sleeping for nearly 6 hours.. Why? All thanks to my roommate.. I woke up when she started doing something in the kitchen. I thought that clock's probably about 7am so I took my phone and almost threw it to the wall when I saw the numbers.......
I got up around 7am and decided I'm only going to the math lessons and then home. No other classes today and I'm too lazy to go and see the nurse. I have tomorrow off so what's the problem? :) I'll get better during the weekend :3

And from next week on my school starts around 12pm every Wednesday :DD Yay~!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Student Apartment :))

Moving in went pretty well (took only 2,5 hours) and as soon as I get postcards and such to be put on the walls everything is perfect :)
I went to flea markets yesterday and found mugs (9), glasses (2) and plates (16) all for 4€ and a lovely mirror for 10€ (people ave always complained how I don't have a mirror in my room. Now I have :DD

kitchen (it's quite big but on the other hand it is for 3 girls :))

The only problem is that I stressed too much about everything and now I got sick thanks to it D: I've had a huge headache for 2 days now and it won't go away (even though I slept for 11 hours and I do eat properly) and I feel cold all the time (and H said that my forehead felt warm and S said that I look pretty tired.. :/). So I'll be visiting the school nurse tomorrow and probably ask for a couple of days off (MAYBE)..
I've currently met one of my roommates.. M seems nice but she's spending time with her boyfriend in her room so.. :) And from what I've heard she nor S will be that often at the apartment as they spend some of the days with their friends/family/boyfriends.. And S moved in just a week before I did and M had lived here all alone for 2 months.. :)
Now I'm just waiting for A to visit me (like she said she would) and my dad to bring the rest of my stuff.. Luckily I can go home tomorrow (and I'm only having one lesson + a chat with my English teacher (he's Russian...... why can't we have a native English teacher?? D:) and a meeting with my group (I guess....... Have NO idea..) Anyhow~
I guess I need to start my math homework and eat something.. :)


ps. I'm almost broke<3